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It’s Been a Long Time…

We’re back.

And for those of you who recently (within the last year!) started following Vintage Kids — let me introduce myself. 🙂 Above you’ll see me (Gretchen) with Chris (my husband) and our two kids, Isa and Bennett.

Bennett just turned one. I can hardly believe it’s been a year. Though at the same time it’s been the L O N G E S T year of my life. The combination of transitioning from one kid to two kids, mild postpartum depression, dealing with food allergies in a newborn (and consequently having to completely change my diet), as well as his incessant screaming and continued waking through the night, left me exhausted. Exhausted for a year.

I needed a break. Rusty and Kelsi were so great for basically taking all responsibility with our blog. I had neither the energy nor the motivation to do much of anything. Successful days were often times measured in my children not staying in their pajamas all day.

But I feel like we are finally  on the other side of things. There were obviously good days but I now feel like I’m swimming again and not frantically trying to just keep my nose above water.

I’m looking forward to posting more frequently again and getting to know so many of our new followers. I’ve missed you all!

I recently became an Instagram  convert. 🙂 Follow me at kingsleygretchen.

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