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Nest 2 Impress Organic Nursery Pillow Review + Giveaway!

During my Sophomore year of college, I lived in a house with several upper classmen, including Allison, the only girl I actually knew before I moved in.  Looking back, I really have no idea how I ended up living in that little brick house, but I’m SO glad I did!   Allison and I had been a part of a Christian dance studio when we were in highschool, and though a few grades ahead of me, we got to know each other well, and just over 4 years later, we ended up living together!

Now fast forward about…oh….well….quite a few years later, and we’re both wives, mommies and small business owners!

Allison was an art major in college and I always stood in awe of her creativity.  When she started working in interior design, I secretly wished that she lived closer so that I could have her over for coffee and just ask her opinion on things!

She is now the owner of Nest 2 Impress – an incredibly adorable and trendy Etsy store where she designs, creates and sells custom pillow covers – and she even takes custom orders, so the sky’s the limit!  Her pillows have been seen on (she was featured in this post!), multiple nursery design blogs, and most recently her work is featured as a trending gift this year on!!!

I am  SOOOOO excited to introduce you to her work, offer my review and then offer YOU the chance to receive one of Allison’s amazing pillow covers!

She has just debuted her new organic line this week…here they are!

Isn’t she amazing!! The best part is, these are pillow covers!  You can re-purpose and salvage an old pillow by covering it with one of Allison’s designs!

Here is my adorable new Transportation Travel Pillow Cover, which comes in a soft lemon yellow, vintage turquoise and orange, with a light cream background.

I have to be honest, when I first  received this in the mail, I was immediately IN LOVE.  However….after admiring it and the amazing stitching, I felt a twinge of sadness, knowing that I would be surrendering this lovely creation into the hands of my toddler son.  I looked over and he was playing happily away….bits of breakfast clinging to his peach-fuzz hair, wielding his play hammer and “fixing” the dining room chair for me (read: “pounding the snot out of the chair as fast as he could while I was distracted by the pretty fabric”).

And I have to tell you, this pillow cover has SURVIVED!  I washed it as recommended (on a gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergent. You can dry the fabric on low but the most environmentally way is to hang dry the old fashioned way – it will increase the longevity of your pillow cover) and instead of putting in a pillow (sorry Allison, I totally broke the rules on this review!) I stuffed it with Liam’s extra crib quilt!  Now, I always know where it is, and when I need to launder the pillow again, I can throw in the whole thing!  Here’s our nursery view…

(on Liam’s great-grandma’s old red rocking chair)

(on the book case)

(on him)

(the look I get when I tell him it’s time for bed. Completely irrelevant to the giveaway, but he looks like his dad here…)

I have to applaud Allison, because she has made an adorable pillow cover that has withstood 2 weeks of pillow fights, nap time tears, and having it’s insides yanked out again and again – and the stitches are as tight as ever!  She has two young sons, so I KNOW that her R&D team has put her through the grind and it shows – these pillows are adorable and SO durable!  And bonus, this particular cover is 100% certified organic and is SO incredibly soft, it begs to be snuggled!!  Another great reason to buy from a mom-run business – Allison knows how to make it trendy AND functional!

This cover has an envelope style back, and it fits a 12″x16″ pillow, which is the perfect size for a crib or as a small travel pillow for your little one.  Allison recommends this source for the perfect fit – although my folded up quilt, or any re-purposed pillow that you have around the house will be just perfect!

Now onto the fun part!  To celebrate the launch of her new organic fabrics, Allison is gifting one of our Cheeky readers with ANY ITEM FROM HER STORE!  If you are chosen, you will get your choice of any item from Nest 2 Impress – so head on over to her store and look around, and then enter to win below!!!

This giveaway starts on 10/24/12 and will close at 12:01am EST on 11/01/12.

a Rafflecopter giveaway *Disclaimer: I received a free pillow cover from Nest 2 Impress  for my honest opinion and review. 

get the word out:

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