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Resources for Nature Study

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Nature study is an integral part of a Charlotte Mason education and an amazing addition to any homeschool.

Below you'll find my favorite products, books and resources for integrating Nature Study into your school day - and why it's so valuable and not to be missed!

Our Favorite Resources for Nature Study | Vintage Kids Modern World


Back pack/field pack - these are great as daypacks! We've been using them for several years, but I've also had my eyes on these and these.

Stainless steel water bottles - we love these and these and these for the youngest

spiral bound drawing journals - we like these and these, but any drawing pad will do. I prefer spiral bound so that it can lay flat.

water colors - this set is the best quality for the price and the one I see most often recommended. However we use these and I love them! In the past, we've also used the set here; it's very reasonable, works well and the case is adorable.

pencils - for field drawing, a simple mechanical pencil will do, but drawing sets are nice if you have one.

hand glass - its great to have one of these on hand for closer observation of your special finds

flower press - We alsways try to leave nature alone and just observe, but taking a few specimens, unless it's forbidden in your area, can be a great way to extend your nature study at home. We like using a press as a great way to preserve nature and we were gifted with one, but don't feel like you need to spend the money - few heavy books and some parchment paper work just as well!


Handbook of Nature Study - this is a must have as a teacher's resource.

Nature Anatomy - this book has gorgeous illustrations and has been a great tool for teaching kids how to recreate nature on paper. The beautiful drawings are great for reproductions.

Keeping a Nature Journal -this is a great manual for older students or as a teacher's resource in order to improve the quality and content of your nature journal.

Field Guide To The Familiar - a wonderful guide for recognizing the mysteries of nature in your everyday


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