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Savoring the Everyday Moments

Gretchen and I are truly going into this week full of thankfulness for what we have. Isa got some food lodged in her throat tonight while eating and after the scariest 1-2 minutes of our lives, the sound of her wails was like sweet music to our ears.

I’ve mentioned before how much I treasure just cuddling with Isa, especially at night. Tonight as I held her and comforted her fearful tears and as I later held her before putting her down to bed, I was filled with thoughts of the amazing joy and life that she has brought to us.

A few years ago, we couldn’t imagine life with a child. Now, life without our children seem incomprehensible. Nights like tonight remind me in an  uncomfortable and comforting way that before she was ever ours, she belonged to her Creator, who ultimately will determine the length of her (and our) days. We as parents are greatly privileged to raise our kids and guide them towards good paths, but we will not ultimately be able to protect them from all hurt and harm. We can, however, teach them healthy ways to live in the midst of both good times and bad.

In the course of 1-2 minutes tonight, Isa’s life, my life with Isa, and the prospect of life without Isa simultaneously flashed before my eyes.

I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of this phenomenon, but now completely understand it. Most of life is mundane and everyday. A lot of what flashed before my eyes was the joy, the laughter, the whines, the cries, the bouncing and jumping, singing and dancing that happen in the midst of our new normal. I believe that I really do treasure these times, but the idea of losing them makes me a hundredfold more thankful and appreciative of all the moments that I have been given to share with such a beautiful child.

Life tends to wear, at times, on our perspective and outlook. It can sometimes blur our ability to see and appreciate what is before us with clarity.

Every moment is a gift that is given to us. We certainly haven’t given it to ourselves. I am so appreciative for the moments that I have been given and the incredible honor and undeserved joy of the moments that I get to share with my beautiful family. My commitment in this life, ultimately, is to choose thankfulness even when the worst happens. But tonight I am thankful for the gift of more wonderful everyday moments with my daughter.

As we go into a new week, I will not roll my eyes at Monday. I am thankful for Monday. In the moments that unfold today and in the week ahead, it’s a given that there will be annoyances, stresses and junk. Interspersed are moments of such beauty and purity that their treasure far outweighs the worst life can throw our way.

What are the moments of today that you never want to live without? Let’s be thankful that we have them today.


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