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Vlog: My Natural Cleaning Supplies

Spring is in the air. Well, actually, it feels more like summer these days than spring let alone the middle of March for that matter!  But with the warm weather comes a long list of to-do’s in my mind. Sow seeds in the garden…clear out my flower beds…turn the compost…start deep cleaning those areas (you know which I mean) that go untouched in my home. I have never been one to do a thorough deep cleaning of my entire house come spring like all of my Amish forefathers foremothers did but when warm weather comes, my energy levels spike and I have this drive to get everything REALLY clean. Or, maybe it’s just all of the bright sunshine streaming through my large windows that shows every speck of dirt (and dog hair) in the deepest cracks and farthest corners. But whether it’s just my regular weekly cleaning or my deep cleaning binges, I use only a few select cleaning items. In my vlog, I show you what items I use and share some of the basic ways in which you can use them. FYI: I’ll be sharing all of my cleaning “concoction” recipes with you in a later post.

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