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Nature Notebooking Workshop Notes

Thank you for joining me on this journey of nature note booking! 

Below are the notes from the Demos and Workshops offered

Nature Notebooking

What is Nature Notebooking?

It CAN be a nature scrapbook, but don't stop there! 

Record, document, analyze, track, and diagram

A way to "narrate" your nature finds!

builds discipline and observation skills

trains you to see the outside differently

What does Ms. Mason recommend?

Leave your books inside! 

Draw what you see, not what you imagine.

This is a narration - how can you increase your vocabulary? (research, diagrams, outside materials)

More text than art! 

Resources + Tools

water color paper or mixed media journal

Micron Pens

Watercolor/water color pencils, colored pencils

Juniper Grove Journals

What can I include?

  • renderings    

  • diagrams and labels     

  • phonology wheel

  • Calendar of Firsts

  • Lists (birds, flowers, trees, plants)

  • poetry, scripture, literature, memories

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