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Kelsi has been a business owner for 15 years, ran a homeschool co-op for 6 years and is now the founder and director of Heritage Christian Academy, a 2-day per week private hybrid school in Northern Indiana as well as the owner of Heritage Children's Library and Heritage Meeting House.


Heritage Christian Academy has served hundreds of children since opening in 2019 and Kelsi offers consultations on everything from business and start-up procedures, to school scheduling, staff training, classroom management in the CM framework, curriculum development for the CM classroom and co-op, and more.


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CM Training Seminars

Training Seminars are customizable for your Micro-School or Co-op and can be tailored to the needs of your group.  Seminars are done in person when possible, or via online interactive class and each session typically lasts 90 minutes. Seminars are ideal for use in staff training for specific topics, subjects and trouble spots and are appropriate for groups of all sizes. 


CM Training Retreats

CM Training Retreats include subject-intensives, teaching demonstrations, workshops on the CM Method and the utilization of living books , encouragement and inspiration, as well as time for question and answer periods and more, and can also be customized for the specific needs of your group.   Retreats are ideal for homeschool moms, Micro-School teachers, Co-op Teachers and those who want to deepen their understanding and practice of the CM Method.  CM Training Weekends make ideal staff and team-building retreats for your school or co-op, and all retreats are held in person at your location.


CM Leadership Consults

Kelsi will answer any questions pertaining to the formation of a Charlotte Mason Co-op or Micro-School.   As the founder and director of Indiana's first CM Micro School and after years of research, Kelsi advises on such topics as program formation, goal development, staffing,  potential problem areas, group curricula formation, leadership and teacher training, documentation and form development for your group, etc.  Extend Leadership Consults include downloadable pdfs for group usage which can be customized and edited for your group and represent hundreds of hours in development and have been successfully implemented and tested.


CM Leadership Coaching

Coaching sessions are specific to your individual needs and a chance to have confidential mentorship in regards to school or co-op strengths and weaknesses.


CM Hybrid Membership School

Kelsi is the founder + Director of Heritage Christian Academy in Mishawaka, IN, which offers Member School Partnerships and support. Please complete the contact form for more information.


HCA School Visit + Tour

Schools, groups and exploratory teams from all over the nation have made site visits to  Heritage Christian Academy in Mishawaka, IN, on the campus of Bethel University.  Kelsi hosts small group informational tours and free consults for those interested in touring and hearing more about HCA and CM School formation.  Please use the contract form to book tours and obtain more information.

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