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Session Abstracts + Info

Plenary and Workshop descriptions listed below.  Each title can be adapted to the length of time requested at the time of booking.

For additional speaking information or to book Kelsi for a conference, retreat or gathering, please contact us!

Charlotte Mason Schools:

From Earliest Formation to Long Term Sustainability

Together we will explore both the big ideas and the small details involved in the formation of a formal Charlotte Mason independent school or hybrid program. Homeschooling is growing at the fastest rate in modern history and families are turning to alternative learning formats like never before; we are on the cusp of another educational revival! Join this workshop to learn more about what is needed to start your own independent program, grow an existing group or co-op into a school model, and what is needed to enhance the quality of subjects offered for longevity and sustainability.

Charlotte Mason Sunday Schools


For many, Charlotte Mason becomes a way of life and a culture in the home, so let’s take it one step further and extend our Living Education into Sunday School!  This workshop will cover Ms. Mason’s teachings on Sunday School and explore practical resources and ideas for incorporating her method into our local churches and children’s ministries through the use of scripture, living books and other Charlotte Mason recommendations.  However, it’s not always possible to overhaul your existing children’s ministry! We will also discuss how to adapt your current Sunday School curriculum by incorporating Mason’s ideas to adjust existing materials for a CM approach.

Charlotte Mason in the Younger Years


What DO we do with our younger children anyway? At what age do we need to start "doing school"? And if we follow Charlotte Mason, what does that look like?  We will answer these questions and more as we talk about educating our younger children (from birth to age 6!) in a gentle yet productive way that develops curiosity, instills a love of learning, develops good habits and protects the younger years of development.  You'll walk away with a clear plan for what is realistic and encouragement to see it through! 

Habit Training: In Principle and Practice


Charlotte Mason saw no separation between the spiritual and educational life of children, meaning that their ability to read and write is NOT the end goal of homeschooling! Developing good (and consistent!) habits with your children could arguably be the hardest and most ambiguous part of homeschooling, so let's break it down! This workshop will talk about the core principles of habit training, what kind of habits we seek to develop at each stage of a child's life, how to reenforce and develop those habits, working with "strong willed" and "weak willed" children, and long term habit maintenance not just because "mom said" but because habits produce peace for the child, the parents and the home. 

Nature Journaling:

How To + How Not To


Nature Journaling sounds like a dreamy endeavor of natural exploration and artistic expression.  And it can be...until its not.  This workshop will explore exactly what Ms Mason taught about Nature Journaling and what she didn't.  We will un-complicate the process, layout the major steps and tips for getting started and developing a routine in your life and the life of your students for nature journaling.

Despise Not + Hinder Not:

An Immersion Discussing Charlotte Mason's Method for Educating Neurodivergent Children


This full-day workshop takes a closer look at the essence of Mason’s method in regards to the personhood, dignity and nature of each learner, so that we can fully explore the most effective and beautiful way to reach the hearts and minds of our neurodivergent children.  We will lay a solid working foundation of Miss Mason’s philosophy in light of various educational and behavioral theories to show a method of education that truly applies to EVERY child.  With Miss Mason’s guiding principles in mind,  we will discuss child development, understanding (and managing) meltdowns, habit training and behavioral theories, academic progress including lesson adaptations and Mason’s own rubric for assessments, lesson planning and routines, as well as practical ideas and encouragement for weary educators.  We will spend this time evaluating, discussing, sharing resources and refocusing our vision for our children, armed with the educational tools necessary to run this race with endurance!

Charlotte Mason Schools + Co-ops:

What They Are, What They Aren't +

How to Get Started 

Come and explore the idea of a Charlotte Mason school or co-op! This workshop is specifically for those who are interested in building or growing a CM community in your area! We will discuss the differences between a hybrid model and a co-op (and the benefits and drawbacks of both models), curriculum, staying true to the CM method in a group setting, scheduling, teacher training, leadership development, trouble spots, best practices and more!    Whether your CM Community is still in the planning stages or you want to grow an existing program, join us and gather practical information and planning tips to take back to your group!

New To Homeschooling?

Start Here!

If you're new to homeschooling, the sheer volume of information at your disposal can seem overwhelming! This workshop is both encouraging and practical and covers exactly what you need to consider if you're just entering the homeschool world!  Whether you have younger children that are reaching school age, or your family tried traditional school (public or private) and you're ready to home educate, this workshop will cover all of the bases! We'll talk about state and legal requirements, how to choose the right books (and how to know if they're working!), lesson planning, grades, finding a family rhythm, how to know if you're doing it right - and most importantly, finding PEACE in the midst of homeschooling. 

Using Charlotte Mason's Methods to Educate a Neurodivergent Child 

When working with a child who has learning struggles, they tend to break every mold and system of education that we throw at them.  When it seems like nothing is working, it's time to look at Charlotte Mason's method and principles for reaching both the heart and mind of your neurodivergent child.  This workshop will address the issues of homeschooling atypical learners, accommodations that you can try, and how to push your child without pulling them. 

Homeschool Burnout


Homeschool burnout is a VERY real thing and it's important to understand the difference between burnout and frustration - and how to overcome both. This workshop both encourages and equips the tired homeschool mom who can't spin any more plates or motivate any more children to finish their math.  We will explore the roots and pitfalls of burnout, diagnosing what the cause is and troubleshooting together to redeem your homeschool year - and your sanity.

Subject Specific Demos:

Home or Classroom Application


These workshops and demos can be tailored to the need of your gathering/conference.  Kelsi will cover subject-specific lessons and demonstrations from either a homeschooling or CM Classroom (Co-op/School) perspective.  Topics include but are not limited to: Nature Journaling/Nature Walks, Artist Study, Geography, Composer Study, Shakespeare, and more.

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