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A Few of My Favorite Things :: February

Yep.  it’s not February.

This is a TAD late, but at least I’m gettin’ it done!  We had some great posts here at the beginning of March, and I couldn’t bring myself to bump any of them!  So here is my lovely list of Favorite Things from February…

I’m loving…

::My thrifted shelf (above) that I painted and filled with our science and history finds, complete with a rock collection, a bird’s nest, and a kerosene lamp (a la “Little House On The Prairie” – our most recent obsession in a house of homeschooling girls!)

::Whipped Banana ice cream?  why yes, yes indeed.

::This article on a family of four, living comfortably on $14k per year.  Yeah, I had to read it to believe it too. (plus check out the wife’s super cute frugal blog!)

::Megan’s article Dear Mom on the i-phone: I get it.  We’re all about doing LESS with technology here at Cheeky Bums (yes, ironic that we’re an ONLINE blog..!), but when your life is balanced on your phone, there can still be grace in those stolen moments on facebook!

::listening to ALL of the Anne of Green Gables books in audio form for FREE!  (you’re welcome!)

::DREAMING of spring and getting into our garden!

::I don’t claim to be prolific gardener…in fact, I tend to throw some seeds in the ground, water, and cross my fingers.  However, this was DEFINITELY worth taking the time to watch! it’s an AMAZING film about recreating Eden in your back yard…growing food with a covering.  So simple, yet so contrary to modern techniques.  Can’t recommend this enough!

::breaking out my old Singer and sewing for the first time (those cheery curtains are now hanging in my kitchen window!)

::this browned-butter chocolate pudding has been happening ALOT at our house…

::”working” on my homeschool pinterest boards, in light of our awesome new homeschooling series (but when is pinterest “work”?)

::this post – and re-reading it several times as I work on NOT hitting my snooze button 5 times (not like I’ve ever done that…)

:: our new etsy store,  started by our family(and these adorable wool cup cozies) , as a means to save up for our ADOPTION!

:: popcorn for breakfast?!? with BACON?!?! (again, you’re welcome…)

::reading about other mom’s parenting sagas.  Your kids don’t fight, do they?

::this curtain – and trying to figure out where in my house I could hang one like it!

what about you?  What have you been loving in February? er…uh…March? 😉

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