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DIY :: Turn Solid Castile Bar Soap Into Liquid Castile Soap

DIY Turn Solid Castile Bar Soap Into Liquid Castile Soap : Vintage Kids | Modern World

Castile soap is incredibly versatile and a staple item in our house.   Eliminating toxins in your diet is hard enough – thankfully, using castile soap is an easy way to eliminate them in your cleaning and body care routines!

Today, I want to show you how easy it is to turn a BAR of soap into a jar of LIQUID soap – but if you’re still curious about castile soap, Emily at Live Renewed has a great article about the many uses of castile soap that I definitely recommend!

Personally, we use castile soap most often in our homemade cleaning products; I use it on my counter tops (mixed with water in a spray bottle, add some tea tree oil and you have an instant, all natural disinfectant spray) and also as the base for my laundry soap (which we adore and I can’t bring myself to use anything else!)

However, the initial cost for a 32oz bottle of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap can take a chunk out of the grocery budget (it’s $12-14 here in northern Indiana).  Granted, it lasts forever, and provides over 4 gallons of laundry soap, but none the less, a chunk of change for soap.

I knew there had to be a better way (plus, all the mumbo-jumbo writing on Dr. Bronner’s bottles leads me to wonder about his adventures during the ’60’s…)

I made the switch to Kirk’s Coco Castile.

soap 9

I was able to purcahse 3-4oz soap bars for $4 at my local grocery store, compared to $5 for ONE-6oz bar of Dr. Bronner’s. Now, the issue was turning my bar soaps into a liquid…which meant I just needed to add water.

soap 7

Plus, Kirk’s only contains a few, naturally sourced ingredients:

soap 8

Here’s an incredibly easy way to turn solid castile soap bars into liquid castile soap…

soap 6

Using a Mason jar (which I highly recommend for this, but any other container capable of holding hot liquid would be fine), measure out approximately 2 3/4 cups of water.  Using a tea kettle or a microwave, bring it to a boil.  While your water is boiling, remove the paper from the soap bar and place it on a cutting board. (side note: that’s not black mold on my cutting board at the top of the photo above.  I caught the cutting board on fire.  Long story. Everyone’s fine. Not relevant to this post.  Just wanted to assure you that it was sanitary.  Back to the soap, shall we?)

Using a big scary knife, chop the soap into little pieces (it’s soft and cuts easily)

soap 5

return the chunks to the Mason jar…

soap 4

…and carefully add in your boiling water.  Because Castile soap is, by nature, oil based, it will start to melt immediately.

soap 3

You may end up with a few stubborn chunks at the bottom of the jar:


Simply let the soap and water mixture set for 15–20 minutes, and the remainder of the soap will melt completely, and voila:

tutorial for turning solid bar castile soap into liquid castile soap!

…your castile bar soap is now LIQUID castile soap!

What are your favorite uses for castile soap?


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