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Rethink Your Garden Plans This Year!

Rethink Your Garden Plans This Year : Vintage Kids | Modern World

Last spring, I stumbled across this film and it has completely changed the way I am thinking about my garden.

No more tilling, weeding, working and actually, very little tending as well.

no joke!

I am starting to worry that I will sound like an info-mercial, because this really is too amazing and too simple to believe…but all you do is apply a “covering” to your garden, the way nature and God intended the earth to function.

Here’s the short story in my own version (please watch the film for a much better understanding than I will be able to give you!)

Paul, the creator and host of the show, was struggling with making a self-reliant living off of his garden after a rough drought.  While walking in the woods, he looked down and realized, that even in the middle of the drought, the ground in the forest was still rich, damp and full of life because the natural “covering” (wood chips, leaves, naturally-occurring compost, etc.) function like a mini green house and kept the moisture circulating like a little biosphere – even though the normal weather conditions were not favorable.

He began to experiment and realized that this was a tiny picture of the very best way to preserve and maintain the richest and most viable soil for planting.   The result was larger and more fruitful plants with almost no work…just like in Eden.

Now please understand,

I throw seeds in the dirt, water them when I remember and then cross my fingers.

So when a friend recommended that I watch this film on…um…gardening techniques…it wasn’t exactly high on my list.

It took me 2 years to get around to watching it.

However, as soon as it loaded, I was in awe just 15 minutes into it.  It was so simple….why had no one thought of this before?

So even if you have a black thumb and you’ve never grown a plant in your life, check out this film!  Humor me and put it on during nap time while you fold laundry (that’s when I finally gave in and watched it…)

And once you do, let me know what you think!

Do any of you use the Back to Eden technique in your gardens?  

(simply scroll down on the homepage and watch it directly from their site) (side note  I am not an affiliate of Back To Eden – I simply LOVE their site, information and film and wanted to share such an amazing resource!)

top photo amended by me, and originally from here

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