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::Right Now:: Slowing Down For The Everyday

This holiday season has come so quickly, that I feel like I am barely able to stay on top of things!!  I had all sorts of great post ideas to research and photograph for today, but as I sat down to write, I realized that I needed to simply breathe and just take it all in.


I love this little post-ritual that Amanda over at Soula Mama has instituted, so I decided to borrow her idea, at least for today.

Because I just want to enjoy today. I just want to slow down and realize what is happening right before my eyes…

(and here’s a little blurry, random and completely imperfect Instagram love so that you can see what has been filling my days…)

…right now I am…

::glad that I didn’t prepare an elaborate dinner.  It was much more fun to eat popcorn, smoothies and finger food on a blanket in our dining room for a mid-winter picnic

::seeing the mounds of clean laundry piled on my floor that I will fold. tomorrow.

::loving the little skirts that my girls will be opening up for the 5th night of Hanukkah.

::wrapping the little skirts that my girls will be opening up for the 5th night of Hanukkah.

::grateful that we have been spending our afternoons reading in front of the fireplace

::finding out that my son is not affected by the cold…he attempted to join the older ones outside in the snow flurries while in his cloth diaper. and nothing else.

::hoping, despite my distaste of snow, that we will have a real white Christmas this year.

::sitting in our comfy stuffed arm chair early in the morning before the chaos of the day, coffee in hand, wrapped in quiet (at least for awhile!).  It was worth getting up early.

::craving family time midst the long work hours, holiday busyness, errands, shopping, appointments and general hum drum.

::looking forward to the days off of work and school that will be coming soon

::waiting for my online gift orders to come in the mail, and inwardly praying that they will be here in time!

::remembering  my first Christmas with my husband.  We were married in December  so Christmas morning, we were on our honeymoon.  Christmas breakfast in the Dominican Republic featured exotic fruit, strong coffee, and a bread-statue of Santa Clause holding hands with bread-statue Jesus, who was on the cross.

::wishing  that I was in the Dominican, but knowing that I would be homesick deep down (ok, not for the first few days, but eventually!)

::bought some papaya at the grocery store.  It wasn’t the same as the Dominican, but it’s December in Indiana.  One can’t be too picky…

::doubting that I have enough restraint to maintain my grain-free diet when I see my grandma’s Christmas sugar cookies.

::nursing a sore foot after stepping on Liam’s new Thomas the Train model.  Thomas is fine. My right foot, not so much.

::deciding that I want to spend this holiday vacation learning to knit, setting up my sewing machine, and reading that book that’s been on my nightstand since March.  Never mind that the kids used up all of our yarn, I haven’t the foggiest idea how to sew, and I can only read in silence when I sneak into the bathroom (which lasts for all of 2 minutes).  it’s the thought that counts…

::praying for a restful and peaceful holiday season for you.  May you find the time to enjoy TODAY while you are planning for the gifts, baking and travelling.

Everything around us tells us to speed up, squeeze in one more thing, and over-commit just one more time.  There are always a million things that we could be doing, yet very few that we really need to be doing.  Enjoy today and take a few minutes to breathe…


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