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{simplify} : a new series


tr.v. sim·pli·fiedsim·pli·fy·ingsim·pli·fies

To make simple or simpler, as:

a. To reduce in complexity or extent.

b. To reduce to fundamental parts.

c. To make easier to understand.


Aahhhh. Just reading that definition puts me into a state of calmness and tranquility. It’s everything I want to be.

But this is what I can be…

I won’t go as far as to say this is what I am. I like things clean and orderly. My Type A personality and OCD generally keep things how I like them. I simply can’t function with disarray. At least not visible disarray. I’ve had to lighten up a bit since my dear little Isa came along though. It’s just not possible to have a house in constant order when you have kids, specifically at this age when she is enthralled for hours with taking everything out of drawers and putting things into places where they don’t belong (our remotes were missing for several days before I found them ALL stuffed in the VCR!).

But I digress, this IS what I can be…

Piles and piles with no organization. I just know that it’s there (whatever it is).

This disorganization ebbs and flows. I will let these areas go for stretches of time until I can’t take it anymore and purge. And what a great feeling that is!

But with Baby #2 coming along, our regular junk room, as we have so lovingly referred to it for several years, will soon be Isa’s new room. All of this stuff must go somewhere (and there was more but fortunately we already sold a few big pieces that were taking up space in that room).

Do I need to keep it all? NO.

Do I want to keep it all? NO.

But this is where the difficulty begins. My generations are ones of savers and thrifters. It’s almost impossible to get rid of anything that could be useful, even if that time will be in FIVE years. I get this honestly from my father, but boy are Chris and I happy for his saving ability! There are MANY occasions when we need something and know that my dad will have it. He’s saved us a lot of money over the years.

The biggest struggle I have is with FREE items. If it’s free, how do I pass it up? It’s FREE! There have been many useful items that we have obtained this way but there have been even more completely impractical ones. And I keep them! In case I need them in five years, of course!

I desire simplicity though.

I want my life to be SIMPLER.

I want to REDUCE my life’s COMPLEXITY.

I want to have only those FUNDAMENTAL items.

All so that I can UNDERSTAND what is before me and see clearly.

I desire this for my children. I don’t want them to know the stress that comes along with SO much stuff.

Here at Cheeky Bums Blog, we are about raising vintage kids in a modern world. Where simplicity is the norm and forms the basis for the values that we instill in our children. This is the beginning of a {simplicity} series that will cover everything from simplifying your child’s toy collection to your own commitments. Please leave us comments below with any area that you struggle with and would like us to cover.

AND…the junk room will be gone and I guarantee it won’t all be kept!


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