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The Madison Road Artisan Market (and why I fell off the face of the blogging-earth)

Hey cheeky friends!

I’m still here, but I’ve been swimming (and occasionally drowning)  in the start of the new homeschool year, our recent church activities and Fall Feasts, a visit from some good friends, my photography business, and our adoption fundraising process!!  There’s more to come in the next few weeks about each of those things, and I’ve so missed writing and chatting with all of you!

But my oh my.  Being a mom and not worrying about all of this “virtual” business has felt so wonderful these last few weeks, and I honestly don’t feel guilty at all!

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with us during these last few (slower) blogging weeks.  We’ll be back into posting more often, but my three-dimensional life needed some attention!!

I’m popping on here briefly today to tell you that Cheeky Bums and Matthew18five (our adoption fundraising store) will be making an appearance next weekend for you local friends!

We’ll be at the Madison Road Artisan Market with a handful of our vintage Cheeky Bums items, as well as some newer products (spiced local raw honeys, adorable handmade nativities and dolls, herbal home remedy kits, essential oil based home cleaning kits, jewelry and more!)

If you’re in the northern Indiana/southern Michigan area, it’s DEFINITELY worth the drive to come and check this out!

Ann and Erin are the founders of the market, and here’s a little bit about their story…

The Madison Road Artisan Market began at the corner of Madison Road and Ely Lane. Erin (Ely Lane) and Ann (Madison Road) were attending a counseling certification class with their spouses when they met this past February. During one of the breaks, the four of them sat at a table and got to know each other. It was an instant friendship and they have spoken/texted every day since.

Originally, Ann’s store, Madison Road, sold handmade children’s clothing and chalk art prints online and through a handful of boutiques. Ann stayed as busy as she wanted and she loved the idea of opening her own boutique one day, but she wasn’t ready to make the commitment of managing a storefront full time.

Meanwhile, for over a year Erin ran her own storefront in Plymouth, IN.  Ely Lane featured local handmade items, fair trade products, vintage accessories, and painted furniture. Erin’s goal was to provide her customers with unique items and affordable home furnishings. Erin closed the doors of her store in order to spend more time at home with her family, and is now taking her “store” on the road with her to local events and markets.

Now fast forward a bit…

When Ann and Erin talked with their spouses that very first day, they discussed running a small event in Ann’s home on Madison Road in South Bend, IN. They envisioned an event featuring locally handmade items that would celebrate the talent of local artisans with their same goal. They also wanted to feature their passion for all things vintage and nostalgic.

As the planning began, the idea became bigger and bigger. With Erin’s eye for style, she designed Ann’s front yard into the most amazing outdoor living room. They quickly filled the circle drive with vendors such as Simply Birgit, Hoosier Wood Designer, Perriwinkle Jazz,  Bless Her Heart Designs, Jessica Flores Designs, Crafty Dog, Blue Sparrow, and of course, Madison Road and Ely Lane.

This past summer, shoppers strolled along a black top drive under the some of the oldest oak trees in South Bend.  They filled the main floor of the house with vendors such as Jade and Grey, Sweet Sparrow, Edie Walker, Tomboy Chic Boutique, Saffron and Nutmeg, Bomb Bomb Babe, Forget me Not, and Cuff Love. But it wasn’t complete…they realized they needed to serve food! Dan (Ann’s husband) was quickly nominated to head that up.

To their surprise, their first event was an amazing success with well over 400 people attending!

They will be welcoming 15 new vendors to this upcoming fall market!  Ali Oesch Jewelry, Super Kid Capes, Dana’s Legacy, You and Me Antiques, Blackboard and Grey, B. Mused Knittery, Beauty Bull Vintage, Luly K Studio, Picture Renee, The Flower Pot, Vikky Lowry, Thistle and Thread, Mej Images, Curly Willow, and us – Cheeky Bums!

And if the cute buntings, vintage teals and homemade goodness isn’t alluring enough,  their menu for this upcoming market on Satruday promises to be even more amazing! Dan will be cooking up homemade chili, turkey & cranberry sandwiches with a cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno on the side, homemade fudge, and fresh-made apple cider donuts.

Come out and breathe the fresh country air under the tall oaks, enjoy a hearty lunch in Ann’s outdoor living room, chat with some neighbors, bring your family, and come see me at our Cheeky Bums booth!! I can’t wait to meet you!

The Madison Road Artisan’s Market is a free event Saturday, October 5th form 10am-4pm. (They do offer shuttle service from the parking area for those with disabilities. Most of the event is stroller/wheelchair accessible and most vendors accept debit cards.)

get the word out:

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