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Your Home Should Be The Safest Place On Earth

Your Home Should Be The Safest Place On Earth :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

I have to be totally upfront.

I’m not very “green”.

The DIY projects like wool dryer balls, and the homemade cleaners and cloth diaper wipe solutions that I have posted here on my blog were not motivated by a sincere love of the earth and a desire to reduce the size of landfills…I really just needed to save money.

We’ve gone through seasons (or years, rather) where we live pay check to pay check and so our concern has always been on taking care of our family…and being eco-conscious was an after thought.

As we started making changes to save money; making my own laundry soap, line drying our clothes…you know the game – I realized that by doing so, I was getting back to the barest essentials.  I had cut out additives, chemicals, surfactants, preservatives and all of those things that I really didn’t want in my home anyway.  It became more than JUST saving money.

I realized that it all boiled down to the fact that I wanted my home to be the safest place on earth.

Now please, don’t send hate mail.

As a Christian, I ABSOLUTELY believe in stewarding God’s creation and making choices that reflect that honor…but “being green” isn’t my identity…being faithful with what God has given me – my family, my home, and my finances – is what matters to me.

BONUS: As it turns out, choosing what is better for my family is ALSO choosing what is better for God’s creation.

Which is why I’m so excited to introduce you to Emily’s book : 


Over a year ago, a facebook post about the weather brought us together!  Emily blogs at Live Renewed and I followed her page on facebook.  One day, she mentioned something about the weather – being unseasonably warm, maybe? And it sounded a lot like my city, so I asked her where she lived. About a whopping 10 minutes from me!  So a few weeks later we sat down for coffee and had a great chat about blogging, cloth diapers, staying sane with little ones, church and everything in between! I loved hearing about her journey to a simpler, more natural life as we sat sipping java that evening, and I’m so proud and amazed at the awesome work that she has poured into this book about her journey to “natural living” and how easy it really is.

She breaks the book into segments:

  1. Green and Natural Cleaning (with several great, very frugal recipes for natural cleaners)

  2. Natural Personal Care

  3. Eco-Friendly Baby and Child Care

  4. Green Around the House

  5. In the Marketplace – Better Buying Choices

I suggest you take it little by little – she has included a TON of information about how to get started, what worked for her, what she prefers and why.  It’s like sitting down with a really knowledgeable friend over coffee while you pick her brain about how to pare down, clean out, start over and simplify your life.  And the great part is, it’s not an all or nothin’ deal!  Emily explains, easily and conversationally, how to “green” various aspects of your life and it’s easy to incorporate one or 100 of her ideas!

If you set a resolution to clean things up this year, to simplify, or if you just need to tighten your belt and save some money, then I HIGHLY recommend investing in Green Your Life – at only $8.99, it’s a VERY worthwhile investment!

But oh honey, there’s more…

If you buy the book now,  you’ll get a FREE membership to Emily’s 4-week Green Your Life Challenge that she will be running in February.  (That’s a $14.99 value!!!)

In just 4 weeks you will:

  1. Purge your bathroom cabinet of toxic and harmful personal care products.

  2. Choose beauty and personal care products for your family that are safe and effective.

  3. Make your own homemade green cleaners.

  4. Clean your home with non-toxic cleaners that really work and are safe to use around your family.

  5. Begin making simple and easy changes toward more real food and less processed, conventional foods

  6. Use more reuseable products and fewer disposable ones around your home.

  7. Work to eliminate and remove toxins all around your home.

  8. Determine how you and your family can make an impact on the world around you!

The FREE membership includes:

  1. A Free workbook and printables to go along with the Green Your Life book.

  2. Weekly emails with your challenge tasks for the week.

  3. Videos to teach, encourage, inspire you to complete your tasks.

  4. Tips for preparing your home for the Challenge, and a shopping list for supplies.

  5. A private Facebook group where you can interact with myself and other members of the challenge. You’ll be able to ask your specific questions and also learn from each other.

I truly believe that your home should be the safest place on earth for your family and Green Your Life will show you how to get there!

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*note: this post is riddled with affiliate links and I’d love it if you purchased this ebook by clicking on my links above.  Of course, you don’t have to, but I do get a small commission every time you do and that, my friends, is golden.  In addition, I was provided with a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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