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Whether you're ready to launch a new Co-op or organize an existing group, this workbook puts EVERYTHING in one place! 


This 20+ page workbook will help organize your thoughts, meeting notes, classes, volunteers and families!


This also serves as an excellent tool to present to churches or hosting facilities - to demonstrate forethought and planning for a successful co-op year!


CM Workbook Includes

-Co-op Mission Statement

-Leadership Directory

-Volunteer Directory

-Location Info

-Leadership Roles + Expectations

-Volunteer Roles + Expectations

-Class Planning Sheets

-Co-op Master Calendar

-Co-op Planning Meetings Calendar

-Planning Meeting Outline Notes for Terms 1, 2 and 3

-Leadership Meeting Outline Notes 

-Co-op Directory


*This digital workbook was developed by Kelsi Rea to aid in co-op formation and development. This workbook can not be shared outside of your own co-op (in part or in whole). It is recommended that a master copy be kept by the Co-op Leader but any parts of this workbook may be freely shared/duplicated within your group.


Charlotte Mason Co-op Workbook

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