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Enjoy a simple and meaningful Passover with your children! 

This Haggadah (the retelling - a script- if you will, for the Passover Seder Meal) was written to pass down the beauty of the Passover Feast to the next generation.  

This is a simplified version, and the goal of this Messianic Haggadah is to familiarize your younger children (K-6th grade) with the order and basic symbolisms of the meal, therefore, many of the rich teachings and intricacies have been omitted for the sake of brevity and the ease of reading for younger children.  


Consider this an introductory Seder, as well as one that is simple enough for older elementary school children to “host”.


All of the traditional elements and activities still remain, but their use and symbolism is only summarized, and not expounded on, as you might find in an adult version of a Messianic Haggadah.


This Seder can be completed from start to finish in approximately 35 minutes, making it ideal for homeschool, Sunday School, or your own dinner table.


Inside you'll find everything you need to host your own Seder - setting the table, a shopping and supplies list, the script for the meal, recipes and more.

Messianic Passover Haggadah for Kids - GROUP Licesnse

  • Please note that there are two different license options for this Haggadah.  If you are using this in your home with your own family/friends, feel free to purchase the "Personal" Licensed Haggadah.  

    However, if you will be using this with a Sunday School, Homeschool group/Co-op, Church group, etc then please, on your honor, purchase the "Group" Licensed Haggadah.

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