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Diaper Emergency Pack for Your Vehicle

My mind isn’t the clearest these days. Lack of sleep, the addition of another completely dependent little person, and starting a new job has left me rather foggy and forgetful. I realized how bad it was when on one family outing I forgot everything Isa related. No drink, no diapers, no coat. She was completely forgotten in my preparing. I had everything for Bennett but his size 2 diapers just weren’t going to cut it for her size 5 frame. And you guessed it…she needed a clean diaper. It was messy.

First thing I did when I got home was made up an emergency diaper pack. It’s something that should have been in my car from the day I brought her home almost two years ago. I’m not the fastest learner.

This is what my simple diaper pack holds:

  1. 2 one size cloth diapers (they fit my 3 month old and my 21 month old)

  2. homemade disposable wipes

  3. plastic grocery bag for the dirty diaper and/or clothes (Or use a wet bag!)

  4. diaper rash cream (or use breast milk if you’re nursing)

  5. 2 prefold diapers (to use as a burp rag, changing pad, bib, clean up a sick child, etc.)

Knowing I have this emergency pack in my car, makes heading out for errands that much easier. I no longer need to gather up all of these items before short trips and I replace or refill as needed.


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