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If You Never Read Any Of Our Other Articles, You MUST Read This :: What Is Happening To Your Child&#

This week, after doing some research and reading some very eye-opening articles, I wanted to share something that has been weighing heavy in my thoughts and prayers. We’ll be picking up our recent series ” I want to homeschool, but…” next week and we have some great articles and guest posts lined up!  But, to deviate from our series a little, here is something that is TOP PRIORITY reading, whether you homeschool or not…


What Is Happening To Your Child's Education? The Dangers of Common Core :: Cheeky Bums Blog

I’m usually not at a lack for things to say (just ask my husband…my word quota is significantly higher than his) but as I am putting together this post, my stomach is in knots and I struggle to put my thoughts into coherent form…I don’t have words to explain why, but I truly believe that this may be one of the most important articles that you’ll ever read here at Vintage Kids.

We’ve been spending the last several weeks looking at various resources and information regarding the choice that you have to homeschool your children or enroll them in a public or private (“traditional”) school.  It’s no secret that we are proponents of homeschooling and it’s something that we want to encourage each and every family to, at the very least, discuss.  Homeschooling may not be on your radar, it may not appeal to you right now, and it may not be something that is even feasible next year or the year after.  We aren’t militant on the subject and the decision is to be made within each family.

Now, that being said, there are several things going on within the Government, the Teacher’s Unions and the Public School System that you NEED to know, regardless of your political affiliation.

This is not a partisan issue.  This is an issue that affects YOUR FAMILY.

These are terms that you MUST learn if you have children or grandchildren in the Public School System.  Both of these terms are the names for a new “curriculum frame work ”  that was never passed through the Senate or Congress (thus never voted on or made public knowledge); but was funded and developed by newly minted departments – the  National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers,  in order to  standardize the curriculum of the entire nation.  I’m not talking about benchmarks or yearly testing; I mean national curriculum.

It recently became public knowledge because the gag order was lifted (I wish I was joking).  In Texas, the teachers were not allowed to disclose what they were teaching to the parents under penalty of civil and criminal charges.

Below I’m placing some articles for you to read over.  They cover, much more thoroughly than I could, the dangers of what is coming to the Public School System in terms of the quality and content of the education that our children will be receiving.  We’ve always worried about the state of our schools and we always will, with much credence.  BUT THIS TIME, THIS ISSUE IS DIFFERENT.  This isn’t just the same concern that we’ve always had about the quality of this or that school district.

For example:

“To note just how off-color some of the CSCOPE curriculum is, consider that the Texas CSCOPE Review, an independent watchdog group, uncovered an out-of-date, optional CSCOPE lesson-plan on terrorism — “World History Unit 12 Lesson 07″ — which allegedly likens the Boston Tea Party to “an act of terrorism.”

The system also recently asked students to design a flag for a new socialist nation.”(source)

I can’t encourage you enough to look into this for yourself.  Don’t take any of this at face value, but make sure that you know what is happening in your child’s school.

This is a nation-wide  push and is the most serious decision facing the education of our children today.

So please, with an open mind (because all logic will tell you that this isn’t possible…), start here:

“That first day my husband picked up the flyer and asked me, ‘What is Common Core?’ To be honest, I had no idea. We looked it up online.  We read that they were standards for each grade that would be consistent across a number of states. They were described as higher standards, internationally benchmarked, state-led, and inclusive of parent and teacher in-put. It didn’t sound like a bad thing, but why hadn’t we ever heard about it before? Again, did I miss the parent in-put meeting or questionnaire… the vote in our legislature? Who from my state had helped to write the standards? In consideration of the decades of disagreement on education trends that I’ve observed regarding education, how in the world did that many states settle all their differences enough to agree on the same standards? It must have taken years, right? How could I have missed it?”

from Common Core: Education Without Representation A Mother Speaks Out: CHILDREN FOR SALE

“Using a chart, Barton documented and mapped out core CSCOPE material, which eliminates national values, Americanism or rather, American exceptionalism, the study of federalism and majority rule (the core of our constitution) along with patriotic symbols like the Liberty Bell. Christopher Columbus, Rosh Hashanah and Christmas are all relegated to the dustbin along with American military history. Equality and a belief in justice is replaced by “fairness” and instruction on American propaganda and imperialism.”

“This approach not only complicates the simplest of math problems; it also leads to delays. Under the Common Core Standards, students will not learn traditional methods of adding and subtracting double and triple digit numbers until fourth grade. (Currently, most schools teach these skills two years earlier.) The standard method for two and three digit multiplication is delayed until fifth grade; the standard method for long division until sixth. In the meantime, the students learn alternative strategies that are far less efficient, but that presumably help them “understand” the conceptual underpinnings.”

English professor Mary Grabar describes Common Core training exercises that tell teachers “to read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address without emotion and without providing any historical context. Common Core reduces all ‘texts’ to one level: the Gettysburg Address to the EPA’s Recommended Levels of Insulation.” Indeed, in my own research, I found one Common Core “exemplar” on teaching the Gettysburg Address that instructs educators to “refrain from giving background context or substantial instructional guidance at the outset.”

“The Common Core, a list of what K-12 kids must know in math and English, is a decades-long project of big business and educrats that essentially nationalizes education. It is now reshaping nearly every textbook, replacing nearly all state tests, overhauling U.S. teacher training, providing the basis to measure teachers, and creating nationwide databases for student grades, behavior, and more. It bewitches basically everything but lunch.

“Haven’t heard of this? That’s because, unlike when states wrote standards themselves, it was spawned by nonprofits whose meetings and documents are closed to the public, despite substantial state and federal funding. Members of Indiana’s Senate Education Committee said they did not hear about the Core until well after the state Board of Education passed it.”

“What is stunning is that the 9 standards that follow are a part of the 88 fundamentals of American history that will be tested. As you read what has been determined as mastery-based American history, ask yourself, are these fundamental, factual, unbiased, politically correct, or indoctrinating?

•Describe the attempts to promote international justice •Analyze the major factors that drove United States imperialism •Analyze the effects of domestic terrorism on the American people. •Examine the controversy surrounding the proliferation of nuclear technology in the United States •Assess key figures and organizations in shaping the Black Power Movement. •Analyze significant Supreme Court decisions relating to reproductive rights. •Describe efforts by the United States and other world powers to avoid future wars •Examine the failure of the United States to support the League of Nations •Discuss the economic outcomes of demobilization.”

For an excellent overview and a list of resources on how to educate your self and your community, take a look at this article and the links at the bottom, and then print out and share a Common Core Opt Our Form

These are YOUR children, and their education should always be YOUR choice.


UPDATE: Homeschoolers – to find a list of the Curricula that have aligned themselves with the Core standards, and also to view those that have chosen NOT to align, visit THE EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM COALITION and join them on facebook

get the word out:

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