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Instruction Manual for Kids :: Children’s Rights and Parental Rights

My family and I have returned from vacation in Traverse City, Michigan… and it was A.MAZ.ING!  This truly was one of those situations where I didn’t realize how badly we needed a vacation until we were ON vacation.

On that note, as Kelsi mentioned earlier, Cheeky Bums is taking a vacation!  No. Not to the Caribbean – I’m pushing for it, but Mr. Money Matters Chris Kingsley said that’s a ‘want’ not a ‘need’… I’m telling ya Captain Cheapy Pants, it’s a NEED!  Cheeky Bums Blog is taking a Blog Vacation from July 16-26.  The Market is still open for business and we are putting together some great promotions and sales, and working on expanding!  We will still be updating our Facebook (like us if you haven’t already) and re-posting some of our favorite blog articles.  When we return we will be unveiling a revamped format!  If you are a regular follower you will see how we have been building for this… if you are newer, don’t worry, all of our old articles are still archived and you can still read our old posts!

As the last official ‘Pre Blog-Vacation’ post I have the privilege of the ‘Cliff Hanger’  [insert corny, dramatic music].  This series ‘Instruction Manual for Kids’ has followed a simple philosophy: You are the Instruction Manual you wish your Kids came with… And I’ve coined my Ever.So.Popular ‘Imperfect Parents Perfectly Parenting Imperfect Kids’ (admit it, you secretly whisper that to yourself when you know you didn’t quite hit the mark on the parenting target).  Despite my attempts to be witty and trendy, the heart of Cheeky Bums is reflected in our tagline:

Raising Vintage Kids in a Modern World

We are all about personal and fiscal responsibility, simply living, natural remedies, nutrition, and parenting.   When we return we will be adding more dimensions to our series, and incorporating things like homeschooling, kids activities, and other top secret projects.

However, before we go, as the ‘Parenting Guy’ I want to make you aware of something that affects the heart of every parent.  This is the ‘Cliff Hanger’…Before I continue, I want to make clear that Cheeky Bums is not a political Blog.  And, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I’m independent with Conservative and Libertarian values, and, honestly, I don’t even know Chris and Gretchen’s political affiliation—I just know their moral convictions.  So, what I am about to address isn’t ‘party based’… in fact, it’s bi-partisan legislation, and non-partisan in nature.

I want to make you aware of an organization  Their main function is to protect the rights of the Parent within the family unit.  Their President is the Home Schooling Champion Michael Farris (founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association) and their board is dynamically guided by a team of parental, legal, medical, and psychological powerhouses.  Their main function is to pass a Constitutional Amendment that keeps State, Federal, and International powers out of our families.

They’ say it takes a village to raise a child…Well,  what if I don’t want your village raising my child!?!?!!!  And, What if you don’t want my village raising your child?!?!?!!   As the parent you not only have the responsibility to parent, but you have the RIGHT to Parent.  And, wants to protect that Right.

I could bore you with information telling you that a UN backed piece of legislation has already been signed into law (Feb. 1995), but has never been ratified by the US Senate.  This law completely undermines ALL parental authority and gives the government permission to remove your children without your consent.  It is the same law that says that a parent cannot access their child’s medical records without the child’s permission.  That a parent cannot demand the option to ‘opt-out’ of things being taught in public schools they feel aren’t consistent with their family values.

Instead of boring you with those facts, I’m going to make one simple recommendation: Please, watch this video.  It’s 35 minutes long. Watch the first 5 minutes and decide if it is something you should watch with your spouse. Then watch it together.

If we lose our Right to protect our kids, and parent our kids then we will no longer be ‘Raising Vintage Kids in a Modern World’.  We will simply be: ’Non-Parented Kids in a Modern World’…

When we return from our vacation we will be celebrating our Rights as parents….by… being AWESOME parents!

Enjoy your break.

Check back often!



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