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Letters to Our Children

** Post by guest blogger Gretchen Kingsley **

“Tradition…tradition!” This famous line from Fiddler on the Roof always gets stuck in my head. I don’t ever remember any of the other words of this song but I can belt these two words out in a deep manly voice at any time. Traditions are a part of every family, some more than others. Chris and I aren’t really tradition-makin’ people. We are about the most even-keel, never do anything out of the ordinary, might you even say boring people ever. We no longer do gifts at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special day. And it’s not because we have lots of other great traditions that take the place of these gifts. Nope…nothing like that in this home. We’d rather just take a walk together and actually have time to talk.

But since starting a family, we have thought more about traditions and if there were any that we wanted to start. With Isa still so young, our list of traditions grew only by one. We decided before she was born to write letters to her (and any other children). Our first letters (both Chris and I write one) to her were written before she was born and at each birthday we write another. Our desire is to share with our children the joy of their being in our lives, as well as our hopes and dreams for them, and their progress over the past year. I believe these letters will be read and re-read many times by them, especially after they leave the home.

When Isa turned one, I read the letter that I had written before she was born. It was a joy to relive my anticipation and eagerness to meet my child face to face. Even though I am not a natural-born writer, like Chris, it is something that I am thankful to be doing. For our children and for myself. I’m sure I will be reading and re-reading those letters just as much as they will to remember those good ol’ days.


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