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{Not} Our Favorite Thing

I have a sick baby. Sick as in doesn’t want to do anything but snuggle. For my “never-snuggled-even-as-a-newborn” Isa, that’s SICK.

We’ve been having sleep problems recently, though really it’s all one’s perspective. I talked to someone recently that said their child slept the whole night…except for getting up a few times to eat. That put my “oh, I’m SO tired” attitude into check. For them, their child was sleeping through the night. For me, that’s a “oh come on, Isa, not again”. …Perspective… Most nights when I have to go into her room I find her standing in her crib. I easily lay her back down, tuck her in, and go back to my bed to fall asleep again within seconds. It’s likely that she’s going through a rather MASSIVE growth spurt. What compels her little body to stand up and try all the new things that she’s learning during the day at 2:30 in the morning is bewildering to me but I know it happens. So, these past 2 nights I’ve been trying to have a different perspective. One that’s not annoyed or overly tired or … but rather one that views this not as a nuisance, as normal (though it takes everything in me to call it that…I don’t want this to continue and really become the “NORMAL”), and dare I even say it… as her “sleeping through the night”. It makes those groggy mornings seem so much brighter!

All of that was to say that last night I thought Isa was sleeping so well. I had to get up with her very few times and she was sleeping so heavily. I was so thrilled (my little girl was doing it again!) until I realized at 5 a.m. that the poor girl had a fever. My joy was not so joyful anymore. I’d rather have my little girl on-the-go again and sleeping poorly (oh, where’s my perspective?) than feeling awful but sleeping soundly.

So, today, as I’m working on my perspective, we’ll be doing some of her favorite things…reading lots of books and singing. And my favorite, snuggling. I may just be able to change her perspective on this one.


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