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Perspective :: It’s A Beautiful Thing

Last week I was walking through my college alma mater and remembering back on all the “good ol’ times”. When life was simple. Or at least that’s how I view it now.

And I suddenly realized that how I view my life 10 years ago is nothing like how I experienced it then.


Chris and I earned negative money. We were dirt poor living in a LITTLE college house that had dirty carpet, a kitchen with no counter-top space and two cupboards. Our bedroom was only big enough for our bed and dresser. Our bathroom was shower-less forcing us to take baths for the first month or two until Chris’ dad “updated” our bathroom. We were stressed with college. All of the assignments, tests, papers, classes…the list could go on and on. I was working various jobs around my college courses. Starting work at 6 a.m., off in time to get to my 8 a.m. class, and then back to work by 10 a.m. Chris and I didn’t see much any of each other. Our food was awful. I’m no cook…never have been. And our good meal days were when Chris would come home from away baseball games with all of the “leftovers” (cold meat subs with slimy cheese and day old lettuce).


We had little to be responsible for. We didn’t make money but we also didn’t have to manage all of the items that come with spending money. It took me 5 minutes (on a bad day!) to vacuum the ENTIRE house. There was freedom in owning so little. Our bathroom had a claw foot tub. (Oh, what I would give for one now!) I was surrounded by my friends and we found time to spend together. I had access to all of the college amenities (soaking in a hot tub on cold winter nights is delightful!). I didn’t have gardening, preserving, or any of the other things that I’ve come to love but take time, LOTS of it. I was responsible only for myself. I could get up and go with ease. I didn’t have to pack a large bag for a quick 5 minute errand for fear of a screaming child, a blowout, or any other natural child disaster. There was not the weight of needing to prepare nutritious meals for my children every.single.night.


I know in ten years I will look back on this time in my life with similar eyes. I won’t forget the sleepless nights but I’ll miss that precious time that I get to spend with my children. I will laugh at how difficult I thought 2 babies were (I can still coax my 19 month old into believing that laundry and cleaning toilets are fun activities!). I’ll miss the tears that can easily be soothed by a simple kiss and a hug. With age comes learning pains. Learning about death, friendships, responsibility. I’ll laugh at my concern with the grocery bill. I’ll smile fondly on the things that make my days difficult now. The constant nagging for raisins, Isa’s discovery of the toilet and what can go in it, and a whining child who only wants to be held. I will want to hold that child…and I’m pretty sure she won’t want to be held.

All stages of life have their difficulties but I’m convinced that I will always look back, on even the most trying times, and remember the good things. The good ol’ days. Now if I can stop looking ahead to what the future holds, I may realize that I’m actually living those good ol’ days right now.


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