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Why Does The Common Core Strike Such A Sour Note?

Why Does The Common Core Strike Such A Sour Note? :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

Well, here I am, once again on the topic of Common Core…

Now before we begin, if you’re unsure of what the Common Core Standards in Education are, please click over and check out some of my previous articles, then come on back here.


It’s been several months since I’ve actually posted much about homeschooling and education, and I’d like to explain the slight hiatus.

Last spring and summer, the series of homeschool posts that I started writing and hosting were some of the most visited and most shared articles on our blog.  However, that was about the time the first hate mail messages started pouring in.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you browse through some of my older posts on education and parenting, I’m not one to pull punches and controversy doesn’t phase me.  I homeschool 3 children.  There are very few things in this world that rattle my cage.

However, what shocked me the most was that so many of the nasty messages were from other homeschoolers.

Life got busy, and the realization of what I was hearing and seeing set in. So I stepped back, not from the shell-shock, but from the sadness.

If homeschool parents are starting to fall into the allure of Common Core, then what else can be said?!  If the parents in our country that have chosen to school at home, to break the mold, to get creative and personal in their educational choices can somehow be persuaded that the Government knows best, then will shouting from the roof tops ever wake them up?

The answer is yes.  And I know this, because I’m starting to see the sleeping giant wake up.  Those parents who have been on the sidelines, quietly watching and waiting, still formulating their stance on the issue, are finally starting to step forward.  Lines are being drawn in the sand and even those conservatives that have secretly  promoted Common Core the entire time are finally being exposed.

See, its not just about Common Core Standards (CCS) anymore. It’s about our right and prerogatives as parents that are being taken from us.  It’s not about the sub-par math curriculum, or the dismal Literature standards (that are anything but “rigorous”, CCS’s new favorite adjective).

It’s about control.

If it wasn’t, if this was truly about the student’s best interest, then teachers wouldn’t be under gag orders.  Parents wouldn’t get thrown out of PTA and Board Meetings.

It was never about the children.

It was about what could be done to our nation to strip us of our dignity and our hope.

So that sour note that is creeping in over facebook and the blogosphere, into PTA meetings and at soccer games?  I’m actually quite glad it’s there.  It tells me that there’s still a remnant in America that have that sinking feeling in their gut that something’s not right.

So, I’m back.  I’ll be posting much more often here on homeschooling and how to get started in it, what educational choices you have, and what’s coming down the pipeline that you need to be aware of.  Please pass the word along and join me, won’t you?

Now, before you go, please click on over and read this AMAZING article.  It is incredibly well written and it will definitely put things in perspective!

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