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1-1-1-1 Grain Free Crepe Recipe

Over Spring Break of my freshman year of college, I scored round trip airline tickets from Chicago to Paris, France for $250 (granted, this was over 10 years ago now, but still an amazing price!).  Thankfully for me, my parents had a momentary lapse in judgement and said yes, so my BFF Hillary and I packed our bags, donned our scarves and the pathetic accents that we acquired in high school French class, and off we went.

(It’s true.  I have no idea what my parents were thinking.  My daughters are never leaving the house.)

We scraped together every last cent to pay for our tickets and hotel room…and then we remembered that we would also need to eat while we were there.

Lucky for us, there were sizzling skillets on what seemed like every corner selling these addictive little pancakes stuffed with meats, cheeses, creams, berries and every chocolate goodness you can imagine –  for just a few dollars.  I’m pretty positive that I ate no less than 437 crepes during our 6 day stay.

Fast forward to my Senior year of college.  I spent 3 months in France, living first in Paris, and then off the northern coast in the historical village of Caen.  Let me put things into perspective for you: 6 days = 437 crepes.  I spent three months there during my second trip…

Fast forward…uh…quite a few years, and I now have 3 children (you know, the ones that aren’t leaving the house) and due to some health issues, we are – at least for now – grain free. In my quest to find a replacement for my beloved French crepes, I stumbled across several recipes online and settled on my modified version.  Many of them called for coconut flour which I personally found to be too gritty and coconutty (is that a word?) and it called for too many ingredients.  Tapioca flour gave it just the right consistency and mild flavor.  I’m all about simplifying over here, and this couldn’t get much easier! You are welcome to print this recipe, but it’s so easy to remember – it’s the 1-1-1-1 version – one of each ingredient, mix, fry and you’re done!

1-1-1-1 Grain Free Crepes

  1. 1 c. tapioca flour

  2. 1 c. full fat milk (or coconut milk for a dairy free version)

  3. 1 egg

  4. 1 pinch of salt

Mix all ingredients thoroughly until there are no lumps (the blender is great for this – tapioca flour can be hard to get smooth).  Heat a small round skillet over medium-high heat (the size of the skillet you use is up to you, but anything larger than 8″-10″ and the crepes will be hard to flip) and coat it lightly with butter (or coconut oil).  Starting with 1/4 c. of the batter, pour it into the pan and immediately tip it gently over the heat so that the batter swirls to cover the bottom of the entire pan evenly.  Allow it to cook for 2-3 minutes, or until the top starts to look dry and and until it starts to firm up.  Carefully flip it over and cook another 30+ seconds, or just until it’s no longer doughy.  You can adjust the thickness of these to your personal preference, but we like ours quite thin. This recipe will make approximately 10-12 crepes, depending on pan size and thickness.

Make your crepes ahead of time and store them between sheets of parchment paper until you’re ready to use them.

And there you have it!  Filling these with meats and cheeses (or with the occasional banana and nutella after the kids are in bed!) takes me back to the bustling streets of Paris…

And that time Hillary was chased by 2 French Police Officers.  But you’ll need to ask her about that…

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