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Resources for Natural History (Science)

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

When it comes to implementing the Charlotte Mason method in your homeschool, it's actually more important to understand the HOW and the WHY as the WHAT.

In short, the CM homeschool year is broken into 3- 12 week terms. Each term your child will be studying a new topic.

So before you start browsing through the WHAT - the books and materials that your children will use - make sure you first explore the HOW and the WHY.


Elementary Science (podcast)

Middle + Highschool Science

Charlotte Mason's Living Science (this details what a CM Science education looks like)

The Study of Natural History as an Educational Discipline

WHAT (to use)

Sabbath Mood Homeschool

Ambleside Online (this site has a full, FREE, CM curriculum, so the science recommendations are listed throughout the various levels as part of the program.

Stay tuned for updates and check back as I continually add to my list!

If you have a recommendation, please contact me so I can check it out!




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