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Our Favorite Book Lists

Our Favorite Book Lists for a Charlotte Mason Education

This page is devoted to lists.

A list of lists, really.

Here you'll find the book lists that I always default to when choosing reading materials for my children

as we follow the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method.

The biggest downside of the Charlotte Mason method is the problem of too many books, not enough time.

This list, and the lists ON this list, are by NO MEANS exhaustive or complete!

They are, however, tested and loved by many Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, so when in doubt,

these online lists give you a good place to start.

living book-based curriculum with a fantastic list of books.

The actual manuals deviate from the true Charlotte Mason method of teaching,

but the books themselves are classics and I highly recommend them!

an AMAZING collection of Science book resources and lists

Ambleside is, in itself, a complete CM curriculum, completely free, with wonderful book lists, schedules and more.

It is an INVALUABLE resource not to be missed for any homeschooler.

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