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5 Minute Cilantro Hummus Recipe + Cinder Block Garden Update

Our garden is producing LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers.

Last year my garden looked like this…

cinder block raised beds :: Vintage Kids Modern World

Everything was neat and tidy. My Type A personality was thrilled with the square foot gardening technique. It looked perfect.

Then along came kid #2 and this is what my garden looks like this year…

cinder block raised beds 2

Everything is helter-skelter. My tomatoes are EVERYWHERE. Only a few of my plants are staked and they are so large that they aren’t contained either. I don’t usually find my cucumbers until they are 2 feet long.

It has driven me nuts this year. I can’t think straight with disorder. Obviously, my children have taken precedence over my garden this year. And why shouldn’t they?

Their idea of gardening is much simpler than mine. Find dirt…play in it…eat it.

With our abundance of produce, I knew I needed to make a batch of hummus.

Hummus is great with:

  1. raw veggies

  2. spread on sandwiches (egg sandwiches with fresh tomatoes and lettuce is our favorite!)

  3. spread on whole wheat tortillas, topped with your favorite cheese, and grilled

  4. homemade pita chips

  5. eaten by the spoonfuls

Last week I whipped up a quick batch of hummus. Everything must be quick these days. I was able to put several containers in the freezer but we like it SO much that we now only have one container left.

The price of hummus at the store is so absurd that when I have purchased it at times because time (and energy) is lacking, we have to savor each bite. But with homemade you can have more hummus than veggie or chip per bite. 🙂

Here is my VERY quick recipe:



  1. 1 cup garbanzo beans drained (reserve liquid) (canned is fine)

  2. 1/2 tsp salt

  3. 3 garlic cloves

  4. 2-3 Tbs lemon juice concentrate

  5. 6 Tbs tahini

  6. 4 Tbs Extra-virgin Olive oil

  7. 1 tsp cumin or more. Up to 1 Tbs is fine depending on your taste-buds.

  8. 1 cup fresh cilantro


This really does take just 5 minutes (maybe less) to throw together!  Just place all of the ingredients into your food processor (or strong blender) and process until smooth. If more liquid is needed add in the reserved garbanzo bean liquid OR more olive oil or lemon juice depending on the flavor that you prefer.


** Post by guest blogger, Gretchen Kingsley, September 2012

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