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6 Weeks of Real Food Lunch Ideas

After being a mom for over 8 years now, you’d think I would have fallen into a pattern or a routine…that I would accept the inevitable in graceful stride.

But, no.

My people want to eat (at least) three times as day, and it seems that I’m the one in charge of making that happen.

No matter how uninspired I am, how many times I was up with them in the night, how bare the pantry is,  or how many days in a row I have worn these yoga pants. [ahem.]  They still want me to make a magical appearance in the kitchen and wave my spatula and make everything right in their gastric-centered world.

And I do it.

As unexciting and repetitive as it is, because the great part?  I get to choose what’s on the menu.  I’m a stickler when it comes to snacks, and we’ve had to make some major diet changes over the last few years.  However, when it comes down to it, I really DO love cooking and making meals for my family.  I love being able to decide what it is that fills their bellies and keeps them healthy.

I won’t always exercise this dictatorial rule over their food choices, so I’m milking it while I can!

And honestly, as I’ve changed my menu planning and grocery shopping philosophies, I’ve got breakfasts and dinner under control.  (That’s not to say that there aren’t the occasional last-minute scrambles, but that’s why the good Lord invented eggs – you can eat them for any meal!)

It’s lunches that sneak up on me  We homeschool our kids, and by mid-morning, we get into the groove of our day, and we’re tooling along with a science experiment or a great book and low and behold, it’s 11:45 and I’m completely out of ideas.

That’s why I LOVE this book…


This ebook was compiled by the team at 100 Days of Real Food, and although it was written for the families that pack their lunches each day and attend a public or private school, these are still great ideas for homeschooling families because they’re easy and can be prepared quickly with little fuss.

“Real Lunches, Real Easy” is ONLY $9 and it will give you six weeks full of ideas on packing REAL, NOURISHING food for your kids, for those times when you’re just too tired to figure something out.  The recipes and ideas are easy and you can simply rotate the menu ideas and easily plan for your child’s school year by repeating the menu plan every 6 weeks.

The menu ideas are geared for preschoolers through tweens and they’re tasty, take little prep and it takes the guess work out of providing your kids with healthy meals so that they’re not stuck with “mystery meat” at school (And I think the term “meat” is being quite generous…)


The e-Guide has 53 pages and contains:

  1. Tips and tricks to get organized

  2. Recommended lunch packing tools to make the job easier

  3. 6 weeks of lunch meal plans*, each with

  4. “At a Glance” weekly menu with photos of each meal

  5. Detailed cheat sheet (showing exactly what to prepare and when)

  6. Corresponding shopping list

  7. 27 Recipes (both from 100 Days of Real Food and other sites/blogs)

  8. Some recipe photos

  9. Bonus recipes and suggested “add-ins” for those extra hungry kids

  10. Blank templates (if you wish to create your own plans)

Here’s the catchYou have 2 weeks to buy and then you’re on your own, sister.  This ebook will ONLY be available for 2 weeks – from today (January 13th) until January 27th.

If you buy today or tomorrow, you’ll get 2 bonus pages (and on Wednesday morning, 1/15, the bonus pages are no longer offered):

Bonus #1: Carrie Vitt is a very talented author, photographer and recipe developer at Deliciously Organic. She offers everything from meal plans to specialty menus that include recipes (and foods) that are organic – and really good! Enjoy 10 of her favorite Crock-Pot recipes, a $9.99 value, at no charge. Offer good through 3/27/14

Bonus #2: Planning ALL of your meals – kids lunches as well as family dinners – is made easier with Plan to Eat. I love and use this resource to store all of my recipes and to plan out my weekly dinners. It truly makes my life so much easier. When I see a recipe on a site or blog, I simply click the bookmarklet (similar to Pinning) and save the recipe. Then I plan meals for whatever days/weeks I want from those. It even can create a shopping list for you. No more random recipes/index cards/pulled out magazine pages floating around! Get 4 months free! Must be redeemed by 3/27/14.

It’s a no-brainer because the work is done for you.  I’m REALLY picky about what I’ll give my kids, but I’m usually too tired to put much effort into doing anything other than the same meal Seriously.  Go and buy this. 


*note: this post is riddled with affiliate links and I’d love it if you purchased this ebook by clicking on my links above.  Of course, you don’t have to, but I do get a small commission every time you do and that, my friends, is golden.

get the word out:

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