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Breast Milk :: More Than Just Baby Food

“Breast is Best” is a slogan that I’ve heard a lot of the past 24 months. We are well aware that breast milk is ideal for our infants. It provides them with perfect nourishment that is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of each individual baby. It’s a super-food, providing all of the basic nutritional elements of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for our children but it is also a power-house, with all of the antibodies present in it as well as the anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. Because of this, it can be used in so many other ways. Below I’ve listed several ways that breast milk has been beneficial to me.

8 Additional Uses of Breast Milk:

  1. Diaper Rash Cream: Rub it on your child’s diaper rash and let air dry. You will be amazed how quickly and effectively this works. Plus, it’s cloth diaper safe! (This is what I use exclusively while breastfeeding.)

  2. Treat Acne & Eczema: Massage into skin and let dry. Source (Sidenote: I was not aware of this last week when I used it on my own newborn’s skin. I have been amazed by the results after only applying it once. His eczema has almost completely disappeared.)

  3. Help with Congestion: Place a few drops of breast milk in each nostril. (I did this just 2 days ago when my 6 week old seemed to be picking up my 18 month old’s cold. The following day the congestion was gone and there was no more sneezing.)

  4. Calm Itching: Itching caused by chicken pox, insect stings or bites, or poison ivy can be relieved by placing a cotton ball soaked in breast milk over the affected area.

  5. Help Treat Ear Infections:  Dr. Mercola says that there is a simple solution for childhood ear infections: just “put a few drops of breast milk in the ear canal every few hours. This usually works to clear up the infection within 24-48 hours and is far safer, less expensive and a better solution than putting the child on antibiotics…”

  6. Help Unclog Blocked Tear Ducts: A friend swears by the success she had with this.

  7. Clear Warts: Dab or place a cotton ball soaked in breast milk on the wart and let air dry. Do this a couple of times a day. Continue doing this until wart dries up or disappears. (I had several warts prior to becoming pregnant with my first. I tried all of the normal treatments – both home remedies and treatments from doctors – with no success. They just continued to return but in more and more spots. After she was born, I started using breast milk and they disappeared completely and have not returned.)

  8. Heal Sore Nipples: Very few mothers don’t deal with this in the first few days/weeks of feeding their newborn. Rather than using lanolin use what’s the most easily accessible and rub it on cracked nipples. Research has actually proven that healing time is shorter when using breast milk.

Have you tried any of these natural “tricks of the mommy-trade”?  What else could we add to this list?


Disclaimer: Though entertaining, enlightening and quite cheeky, we are not licensed herbalists, physicians, cosmetologist, dentists, podiatrists, pediatricians or any form thereof.  We’re just moms.  Therefore, please exercise your own common-sense and discretion when using any of our recommended recipes or tips as we are not accountable for any action that you take in regard to the material that you read here on our blog. 

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