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DIY Clay Toothpaste Recipe

DIY Clay Toothpaste :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

I brush my teeth with dirt.

Clay to be exact.

My kids think I’m the coolest mom ever because they have their own containers of “dirt toothpaste” and I let them actually brush with CLAY.

I’m cool like that.

And I’m also elcheapo when it comes to finding great products that I want to make at home!  I’ve used Redmond’s Clay Toothpaste before and loved it, but I knew I could also make it myself, so I set out to crack the code.

Let me back up….

I have terrible teeth.  Always have – and I have a mouth full of fillings to prove it.  Poor dental health is symptomatic of both poor diets and genetics.  Although we’ve gone to great lengths to change our diets, I will forever have to go the extra mile to make sure I have healthy teeth and gums.

A few months ago, I started seeing information on the health benefits of clay, and once I took the plunge, I was hooked!  We’ve been taking and using clay to treat several health issues and after falling in love with it’s simplicity and efficacy, I decided to try my hand at making my own clay toothpaste.

Clay is known to balance your body’s pH levels, and by brushing with it, I am slowly cleansing my teeth with the trace minerals that are lacking in my dental health.  I was able to find several great recipes on line, but decided to concoct my own, in order to include the healing and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil.

 Clay Toothpaste

1 Tb. Coconut oil 3 Tb. boiling water (purified is best) 1/4 tsp. Redmond Sea Salt 15-20 drops liquid Stevia or 1/16th tsp if in powdered form (you can adjust this to personal preference) 10-13 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (or to taste) 4-5 drops tea tree oil

Mix everything well and have extra boiling water on hand, to adjust the thickness. I start with 3 Tb but then add a little more to smooth it out. You want to error on the side of being too soft, because it will slowly dry out overtime as you take the lid off and on. Make sure to store it in an air tight container (small ziploc containers or glass Mason jars are great for this)

*I definitely recommend having separate containers of this for each member of your family, because you’ll be dipping your tooth brush in to scoop it out. *Also, if you have sensitive gums, don’t be worried if they bleed a bit when you start using this. I have ALWAYS had tender gums and they would bleed quite a bit when I first started using this. However, after about 2-3 weeks, they have toughened up and this is the first time where I know they are at least a little stronger.

Give it a try – and if you experiment with other flavors, leave me a comment and let me know how it goes!

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