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Eliminate Toxins With Natural Skincare (while supporting a great cause!)


For YEARS I spent the winters suffering with dry and cracked hands, to the point where they would bleed (I know. great visual for a Monday morning, but lets start this week off with a bit of honest reality!).  I’d slather them with lotions and creams, which stung like the dickens, and they’d soften up and feel a little better – until I washed my hands, did the dishes, or made dinner.  It was never ending.   Once spring arrived, I would find relief in warmer weather, but then working in the yard, playing at the beach and gardening would take their toll.

Until this year that is.

I finally went an entire winter without panifully dry skin and sans the mom-meets-lizard look!

Let me back up for a minute.

How many of you, when you need to moisturize you hands, legs and dry patches reach for RETINYL PALMITATE (VITAMIN A PALMITATE) or PROPYLPARABEN – endocrine disruptors and products that contribute to organ failure?  If you use Gold Bond Ultimate Sheer Ribbons Body Lotion, you are.

You mean you don’t slather your baby with PROPYLPARABENBUTYLPARABENBHT or with a little BENZYL ALCOHOL for added moisture?  Are you sure? All of those things contribute to organ toxicity and BHT is linked to cancer.  They’re also all ingredients in Johnson’s Baby Lotion.

I’m picking on just a few items, but seriously – take a look in your medicine cabinet and turn those bottles around.  Look at some of the ingredients.  Um.  Can you even pronounce them?  That should be your first clue.

Last fall, determined to deter my incredibly painful dry skin, I started looking into some natural options, because over the counter, boutique, fruity-smelling lotions just weren’t cutting it.  I discovered an AMAZING recipe for a homemade lotion and I can never go back!  ( more on that in a minute!)

In the simplest terms, all you need to know is that nature provides us with everything that we need to safely and effectively treat everyday skin issues.  Start with baby steps if you need to…

-skip chemical-laden antibacterial soaps and opt for castile soap with a bit of tea tree oil added in.

-grab a little coconut oil next time you’re in the kitchen and use that in place of hand lotions, cold cream, or shaving cream.

-ditch the store bought baby wipes and make your own (for a fraction of the cost)

-nix harsh cleansers and wash your face with oil!


-or, support a great cause and order all natural skin care products from our family’s etsy store!  We are raising money to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia, and you can join in and help us!  We use ONLY natural ingredients that are completely safe and non-toxic.  Check out the natural products (and other cute stuff!) that we carry in our store!

If you’re not sure about your products, simply visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep Database and search for your items.  They will rate the safety of your product on a scale of 1-9.

What’s your favorite all natural skin care product?

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