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Having A Natural Pregnancy When You Don’t Feel Like It

Having A Natural Pregnancy When You Don't Feel Like It :: Cheeky Bums Blog

Let’s be honest with each other, shall we? 

We read the books, the blog posts and the trendy articles in the preggo magazines at the OB/GYN’s office about how to have a “natural” pregnancy.   We decide, as soon as that double pink line appears, that we are going to do this right – drink our water, eat our salads, exercise (though we haven’t done crunches since, oh…ever.), do our Kegels (you want me to squeeze where?), and swear off caffeine.

And then morning sickness hits.  And once that ends, the uncontrollable sweating starts. Then that unrelenting urge to pee that kicks in at 2 am.  Somewhere between losing our breath while putting on our shoes, and gaining “kankles” (if you don’t know what those are, you soon will) we realize that this “natural pregnancy” stuff is for the birds and all we want is a Venti latte with 2 extra shots thankyouverymuch.

Mamas, you are not alone, and you’re doing just fine.  If you have chosen this glorious time, known as gestation, to begin your journey towards all things natural, then you are most definitely on the right path, but you’ve chosen the toughest climate for your journey.

Want to read more?  I’m guest blogging over at Homegrown + Healthy today, so come on over!

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