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Home Remedies [In Your Kitchen] :: A Workshop for Beginners (and nervous moms)

Oh my goodness, I am SO excited to FINALLY be able to make this announcement!!

Come and hear me speak!!

The lovely gals over at The Studio on Washington in Goshen, Indiana have graciously opened their space to me on Saturday, January 25th, for an afternoon of herbal homemade goodness!!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get started with herbal remedies, what to buy, what NOT to buy, and what to do with all that herbal goodness from the health food store – and how to do it all on the CHEAP –  then this workshop is for you!!

I’ll be teaching a 2 hour course (with time for questions afterwards) on the basics of herbal home remedies, and here’s a little inside sneak peak at what we’ll be covering…

  1. Reasons to treat your family at home and how to get over your fear of home made remedies

  2. Safely treating your family with home remedies from your kitchen cabinet

  3. The most important and useful herbal/natural items to keep on hand (and how to use them!)

  4. The do’s and don’ts of home remedies

  5. Home remedies and food allergies

  6. Home remedies for infants and children

  7. Resources and book for further study and reference

PLUS, you’ll be going home with some goodies!! You’ll receive a packet of info on herbal remedies, recipes and tips compiled exclusively for this class, a gift bag with herbal remedy samples for you to take home, and a small jar of local raw honey to get you started on your home remedy journey (or just to stir into your tea on a cold afternoon while you peruse all of the amazing info you’ll be receiving!)

AND participants will be invited into a private facebook group where we can continue our discussion online and you’ll be able to ask questions, share recipes, and pick my brain, even after the class is over!

The class will be held from 1-3 pm at The Studio on Washington in Goshen, Indiana on Saturday, January 25th, 2014.

Early bird registration through January 1st is $55 per person, or $65 per person if you enroll from January 2nd-20th.  Class registration will close on the 20th and only 15 seats are available! so DON”T WAIT!

Register now via paypal, and don’ forget, this class would make an awesome Christmas gift!

get the word out:

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