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How To Use Cloth Diapers At The Beach (and save money on swim diapers!)

How To Use Cloth Diapers At The Beach (and save money on swim diapers!) :: Vintage Kids | Modern World

I’m going to be compeltely honest here. My floors are covered in dirt right now.  And grass clippings, stray flip-fops, the occasional beach towel and a random swimsuit here or there that never made it to their designated drying hooks.


I love this time of year and we are enjoying our new above-ground pool immensely to beat this humid Indiana spring.  It hit 87′ F today and by 2pm, we were all in the pool!!!

As much as we plan on swimming this year, there is NO WAY that I could afford to spring for disposable swim diapers.  Right now, you can get a pack of 10 large swim diapers on Amazon for $13.78, with shipping included.  That breaks down to almost $1.40 per diaper.  Now, in all fairness, it is possible to reuse these in a pinch, as long as junior only tinkled in it.  However, if you own a pool, or if you plan on spending a week long vacation at the beach, you know how fast these swim diapers can add up!

Let’s explain the swim diaper, shall we? Swim diapers are not meant to be absorbent.  The sole function of a swim diaper is to catch…um.  floaties.  And there’s a much cheaper way to catch…uh…them.  So, don’t bother throwing away your pennies on dispoable-floatie-catchers…

For swim diapers, I recommend Thirsties Duo Wraps, hands down.

This particular style of cloth diaper is meant to be used with an insert, but if you are planning on using it while swimming, then no insert is needed.  Simply use the diaper cover as your swim diaper, and there you have it!  Thirsties brand features leg gussets which dramatically decreases the potential for leaking when you are using them for their intended purpose (with all the stuffing!).

However, this makes them perfect as swim diapers too because they will actually contain any floaties if need be, (those leg gussets are wonderful I tell ya!).  The inside lining is vinyl-like, so if you do end up with a mess, simply wipe it out and reuse it!

Just a few things to keep in mind…

-I recommend purchasing at least 2 Duo Wraps.  This gives you a few options; you can either keep one as a backup if you’re going to be out all day or using it while on vacation, OR, use one for lake swimming, and one for pool swimming, so as to not contaminate pools with lake water.  Make sense?

-These can be laundered with your swimsuits when you’re done – no special detergent to buy if you’re just using them for swimming.

– I recommend buying the diaper with snap closures, not the aplix (velcro) closures if you will be using them as swim diapers.  The snaps have a much stronger hold, and your child will be swimming, running, crawling, wiggling and moving while using these.  The aplix closures are perfectly fine if you are purchasing these as a normal cloth diaper.  However, for swimming, it’s snaps all the way!

– Once a cloth diaper is designated as a swim diaper, do not recycle it into your cloth stash, and don’t try to use it as a regular cloth diaper – ONCE A SWIM DIAPER, ALWAYS A SWIM DIAPER.  This is especially true if you ever use it while swimming in chlorinated water.  The chlorine can start to break down the waterproof barrier of these diapers.  This makes no difference for swimming, because the floaties will still stay in the diaper.  However, it could start to leak liquid and it would not be suitable for use as an everyday diaper.

– Your baby will feel naked.  Although completely opaque, these covers are actually quite thin!

– These are cheap!!!  The Solid Color Duo Wraps  will generally run you less than $14 and it will last you, literally  for years.  My son is 35 lbs, give or take, and he is still able to wear the size 2 Duo Wraps when swimming in our pool.

So before the summer months hit and temperatures soar, grab a few Duo Wraps to use at the beach or pool side!!

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