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Kelsi’s Favorite Pinterest Picks

When you have adult ADD, the paint chip aisle at Lowe’s is considered one of the lesser-known of Dante’s circles.  It’s a never-ending torment of possibilities, full of good intentions, and dreams of new renovations and complete re-decorations all of which necessitate an immediate decision while standing in said aisle with 57 versions of white paint.  And tormenting it is…

And then, my friends, there was pinterest.

I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest, mostly because I can live vicariously through others’ beach houses, cute printed poems, tidy outfits, eclectic kitchens and kids’ crafts…therefore I forfeit precious moments of sleep that I could be getting if only I didn’t pin just two more pins…

And so now I share with you some of my favorites – some accomplished, some still in dreaming-about-doing-this phase.  And trust me, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few! I don’t know how Gretchen was able to choose last week, because this took me!

So, here are some of my favorites from my boards, but please check out the other things I’ve pinned, because it was sooooooo hard to narrow it down:

Crafty things I want to make :: Centsational Girl

Here’s one that I have yet to try, but it’s definitely on my to-do list – this blogger painted over laminate furniture without sanding.  Oh, be still my decorating heart.  We have some old-hand-me-down-seen-better-days vintage items that will soon be experiencing an overhaul!

I want to eat this ::

Today it was 95′ F and humid in northern Indiana. (On a side note, Indiana is quite nice in May and again in September and October.  The other 9 months make you wonder why you live here.  Just my personal take on the weather patterns of our state).  Seeing as how I wanted to crawl into the freezer today, these recipes looked AMAZING and I’ll be trying some of them soon!

For the kids :: MaMaUK

This is a simple blog post from a mom who isn’t afraid of mud!  We set up an outdoor “mud kitchen” based on her cute little pictures for our girls this summer, thoroughly stocked with pots, pans, spoons, plates, bowls from our local thrift store and garage sale finds.  We have everything a little girl (or boy) could need to make “soups”, “pies”, “cakes” and all other slimy, squishy, grass-laden messy creations.  Parents, let go of your fear of dirt and you’ll find your children engrossed in play for hours! Nothing like building their creative skills AND their immune systems!

Homeschool + kids’ crafts :: Busy Bee Kid’s Crafts

What kid doesn’t like clay? And what mom doesn’t like cheap?  win-win.

Cleaning and Organizing :: Elizabeth Esther

This post changed everything for me.  Not because it was some grandiose revelation, but because she nailed exactly what I’ve been thinking.  I LOVE list.  I love planners.  I love organization.  But I do it completely different from most “cleaning blogs” out there and routine KILLS me.  I can’t clean like someone with a Type A personality who schedules things down to the 15-minute increment (I’m starting to sweat just thinking about that).  I need to work WITH my personality, not against it!  Check out this post!

Natural remedies + recipes :: Crunchy Betty

As I start to think about the back-to-school rush that will happen in the next few weeks, I am reminded that cold and flu season is right around the next corner.  Not something fun to dwell on, but something worth preparing for!  This recipe is so easy and tasty and will help build your immune system and kick a cold or the flu within a few days!  It’s amazing! (and this blog is pretty great too!)

ONLINE MARKET :: Cheeky Bums Market

Shameless plug, but yes, we do have some AMAZING products in our market. You may notice that we don’t carry every product of each company that we carry. Nor do we have a huge selection of brands. If we don’t LOVE it, it’s not listed. We offer you only what we have tried, tested, and loved. Check back often as we add new products that we find that we truly love.

And some new favorites will be debuted when we return from vacation.

We can’t wait to share them with you!


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