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On Blue Berry Picking and Summer Vacations

Today we spent the afternoon and early evening at a local organic blueberry patch.  We purposefully did NOT feed the kids dinner before we left and once we plopped down in front of the bushes with our bucket, I didn’t hear a peep out of them.

Correction.  I heard Liam scream from the confines of our jogging stroller every time the girls weren’t fast enough in filling his little cup of blueberries.

As I picked, I watched them lay down in the grass next to the bushes and fall into kid-heaven.

Mom was letting them eat blueberries for dinner.  

Rest assured, we did eat when we came home, so they didn’t starve. (Note: There’s no way they’re starving…we picked for 2 hours and only came home with 9 pounds!)

And we’re going to be doing more of that over the next few weeks – blue berry picking, our family walks that I miss so much, spending days at the lake, and anything else we can squeeze into these glorious summer days.

And Chris and Gretchen are doing the same thing.  Only instead of spending the days pool-side, they’re having a new baby any day!

And so Cheeky Bums Blog is taking a Summer Vacation.

Starting on Monday, July 16th and running through Friday, July 27th, things may be a little but slower around here.

 Oh, we’ll still be online (unless Gretchen is occupied, you know, having a baby!) and re-posting some of your favorite posts, as well as some of our new favorite finds on pinterest.  So please grab your iced tea and stop by over the next few lazy weeks of summer.  We’ll miss you terribly, but we assume that you too, are not glued to the front of your computer screen!



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