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On Our Bookshelf

*Post by guest blogger Gretchen Kingsley*

We love reading and it’s something that I love fostering in my children. Each of our nightstands is stacked high with books but these are our favorites for this week.

Big Ben:

 has been a favorite for both of my children. Bennett is all boy though and can’t stop moving from the time he gets up… unless food is involved. 🙂 So it’s taken me 9 months to finally get him interested in books. He loves books with pictures of children in them and this is one of his favorites.

Global Babies

Miss Isa:

 was picked up at the library but is on the “to buy” list. Kids will get a delight out of the surprise ending. And I apologize to all of our fellow library patrons. We’ve been hoarding this book and have renewed just a couple times.

Huff & Puff

My Bookshelf:

I’m only 80 pages in but love it. Check it out.

The Prize Winner

If you haven’t started following me on Pinterest already, check out my board of some of our favorite children’s books. The list grows weekly.

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