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Resources for Folk Songs + Hymns

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Singing together is another hallmark of the Charlotte Mason Education. As simple a it seems, it's a short spot in your homeschooling day that will come to mean more than you can ever imagine - to you AND your kids.

Don't worry about how it sounds! Years from now, your kids won't remember the sound, but the experience.

Here are my favorite resources for music in a Charlotte Mason homeschool for singing with your kids (Composer study and solfege will be covered in another post - stay tuned!)


Little Songster (a fantastic (and beautfiful!) free website for folk songs)


Hymns for a Kids' Heart - book and corresponding youtube channel

Best Loved Hymns (youtube channel)

Center for Church Music - a great website where you can search by lyrics, title, or composer and also download sheet music

@happyhymnody - follow her gorgeous instagram feed for encouragement, ideas and the #hymnofthemonth

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