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School’s Out And They’re HUNGRY! Summer Time Breakfast Ideas

Ah, the school cafeteria.  soon to be empty…

If you have children in public or private school, then hang on for the ride.  

Something completely unexplainable is about to happen to your children.  Many of you have welcomed your kids home from school for the summer, although a few states are still plugging away.  For those of us that homeschool and are taking a summer break, you will experience this phenomenon as well.  Although our children are with us during the day, there is still a strange metamorphosis that takes place when you transition from a school schedule to a summer schedule.  Regardless of where your child obtains the bulk of their education, there is a syndrome that all children contract the minute they enter the world of ” the summer break”.

It’s a condition known as “IMustEatAllTheTime”.

All of those hours slaving away in the classroom has exponentially increased their ability to consume.  Mix that with some good old summer boredom (which translates into “then clean something” around our house!) and it’s a recipe for a higher grocery budget!  We’ve already taken a look at some filling snack ideas, gluten-free snacks, as well as a long list of nutritious lunch ideas.  However, let’s expound on a meal that, unfortunately a lot of children skip, and that’s breakfast.

Now that the entire brood is home for breakfast, whether that be at 6am, (for those of you with early elementary-aged children) or 1:30 pm (for those of you with teenagers…) this is one meal that we CAN NOT SKIP!

In a previous post, I mentioned some of MY favorite breakfast options, but those aren’t always my kids’ favorites, so today, let’s take a look at some winning breakfast recipes that are easy to put together over the warm summer months, when you don’t feel like cooking, but when you wake up to a pack of hungry natives…

  1. Flourless Peanut Butter Muffins – shameless plug for an awesome treat!  Your kids won’t know that there isn’t refined sugar and white flour and they don’t taste healthy! (gluten-free!)

  2. Buttermilk Oat Muffins

  3. Breakfast cookies – hello? What kid wouldn’t want cookies for breakfast!  There are some great recipes across the world wide web and I have been working on my own recipe but it still needs a little tweaking.  I promise it’s coming soon! wait for it…wait for it…

  4. Yogurt with any of all of the following: dried fruits (apricots, cranberries and cherries are winners at our house), granola, nuts, dried coconut, seeds, jam or honey, fresh or frozen fruit

  5. English Muffin Egg Pizzas

  6. Muesli with fresh fruit

  7. The incredible edible egg – eat as many as you can, and look for local eggs from pasture raised hens that are NOT supplemented with grains or feed.  The taste difference is amazing!  Serve omelets, eggs over easy, quiche, hard or soft boiled, or maybe a custard for breakfast

  8. breakfast burritos with eggs and any of the following: cheese, salsa, fresh veggies, sausage, bacon, black beans, sour cream, chives

  9. breakfast fruit burritos – a favorite around these parts – we fill a tortilla with a banana, peanut butter, honey, granola and fresh berries if we have them.

  10. pan friend apples

  11. smoothies – Katie at Riddlelove has some amazing smoothie ideas – check out her site for some great ideas!

Hopefully this will get you well on your way!

What other breakfast recipes do you use to feed the masses?


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