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Sometimes The Best Decisions Are Also The Most Difficult

For the past year, Chris and I have basically been non-existent from the blog.

We’ve experienced a lot in this past year… A loved one who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The addition of our little man into our life. A new job for myself. A growing toddler with ever-increasing energy.

And with these changes we have had to re-prioritize. Our time and energy is limited. And most importantly I have come to see my limitations more in this year then in any other time of my life. At times it has been difficult to realize that others can do much more than I do and with so much more energy. But so much freedom has come when I accept my limitations and figure out life through my lenses instead of someone else’s.

Re-prioritizing can be difficult. It’s hard to let go of things (even if for a season) that I love.

My passions have had to be redefined during this time. I used to have A LOT of free time. I was a stay-at-home wife. (Read: 9 hours to spend each day, while Chris was at work, doing things I enjoyed doing.) And oddly enough, I do enjoy cleaning and laundry. Then along came the “littles” and cleaning the bathroom can sometimes be a whole week affair.

My passions and expectations have been redefined. They are now my passions. And every once in a while I can fit in a cup of tea and a good read…for about 30 seconds until they see I’m obviously not occupied and must occupy me. 🙂

With this re-prioritizing and redefining of passions, Chris and I have decided to step away from Cheeky Bums. This has been by far the most difficult choice for us to make. We love the business. We love our business partners, Rusty and Kelsi. We love our readers and market customers. But, we know it is what is best for us individually, as a couple, and for our family at this point in our life. We will miss so many things, including our faithful readers, but we look forward to this year where we can focus our time more intentionally with each other and our children.

Kelsi will be taking over the blog and there are so many exciting things that she’ll be debuting soon – so please continue to check back and visit this little corner of the web that we’ve built.

May you all be blessed in this coming new year!

~Gretchen (for Chris as well)

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