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Travelling For The Holidays? Herbal Remedies To Take On The Road!

I dug this post our of last years’ archives!! Things have been busy around these here parts, and the holidays are quickly approaching!  These are great tips for easy items to take on the road, but you can also take them BEFORE you pack up the littles to head to Grandma’s house!


So, Thanksgiving completely snuck up on me this year.

So, I find myself hustling around, trying to make sure that I have everything for hauling around 3 kiddos and a hubby to various Thanksgiving meals and events!

Every holiday season, we give in just a little bit – we find ourselves eating things that we wouldn’t normally eat (and…ahem…in much larger quantities than we would normally eat…), and in the midst of travel and parties, we seem to get to bed a little later and lose a little more sleep than normal.

The change in sleep, travelling and a change in diet can contribute to a weakened immune system.  Before we hit the road, I’ll be raiding my herbal medicine cabinet and throwing a handful of things into the cooler (alongside the cranberry sauce and the deep dish cookie pie I’m taking to Grandma’s house!):

  1. Astragalus – easy to find at a health food store and a great immune boosting supplement.

  2. Echinacea – another easy to find herb that is available at most large stores in pill or tea form.  Another great immune booster (side note: don’t take it longer than 7 continuous days).

  3. Fish Oil – not exactly something you crave when you think about Thanksigiving, but a must while travelling!  Fish oil is a natural immune booster and readily available as a supplement for kids.

  4. Elderberry Syrup – this is SO easy to make and much easier for children to take then the Astragalus or Echinacea. (note: If you feel a stuffy nose coming on, cut out all dairy and citrus items, which both produce mucus, especially in a compromised immune system.  It’s true- if you feel like you’re getting a cold, DON’T drink orange juice!)

  5. Ear Oil – Most health food stores will carry some form of ear oil (usually with mullein flower, for pain relief) and there are quite a few recipes online for homemade ear oils (here’s my favorite recipe),  in the event that you or a little one gets an ear infection while on the road (I speak from recent experience…).

  6. Ginger tea, candies or gum – for nausea while travelling.  Again, I speak from experience…

  7. Chamomile tea – travelling away from home can be rough, especially for little ones who may be missing naps, getting over stimulated by the 37 aunts that want to hold them and pinch their cheeks, or simply get restless from endless hours in the car.  Pack a little chamomile tea (even prepared as iced tea is great and can easily travel) to help little ones rest, soothe tummies… and to calm mommy’s nerves.

  8. Basic first aid supplies – band-aids and wound salve.  I keep these in a small container in our diaper bag and seeing as how I have 3 kiddos, we never leave home with them!

If you’re just getting started with herbal remedies and preparations, it can seem quite daunting and overwhelming, and so I absolutely have to recommend Andrea’s e-book Herbal Rescue: Your Guide To Creating An Herbal First Aid Kit over at Frugally Sustainable.  It’s absolutely free and packed with fantastic, easy to follow instructions and recommendations!

Yes, I’m completely biased because Andrea graciously featured our homemade electrolyte drink recipe in her e-book – so this is my shameless plug: Andrea did an amazing job compiling all of the information in an easy to use format – so please go check it out and grab a free copy!  It will help immensely as you start preparing for the holidays!

Keep in mind –  “vacations” can be more stressful than the everyday, so make sure that you have a plan and strategy as you prepare for the holiday – whether you’re going down the road or travelling across the country!


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