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Treating Fevers Naturally: A Guide For Nervous Moms

Treating Fevers Naturally : A Guide For Nervous Moms - Vintage Kids | Modern World

I just…wow. I can’t even…just wow.

I really hadn’t planned on blogging about this – ever, really – but after reading and reviewing Meagan’s AMAZING new book Treating Fevers Naturally, I HAVE to share.  Maybe someday, when I’m farther removed and he’s older, and I feel like I can breathe when I talk about it, I’ll do a longer post on the topic of febrile seizures, but I’m not there yet…

Last April, my 2 year old stopped breathing and collapsed in my arms, he turned purple, his body shook, and he passed out.

It lasted for about 5 or 6 minutes that felt like 2 or 3 hours.

He’d been cranky all morning, and although he had outgrown morning naps, I finally put him to bed because he just needed some quiet time.  I let him sleep for a bit and then got him up before lunch. He didn’t want to be put down, so I propped him on my hip and took him outside while we finished some yard work.

And before I knew it, he was slumped over in my arms, seemingly unconscious, having a seizure.

Fast forward to the emergency room, and after some exams and some tylenol, we were sent home and given instructions on what to do if he had another febrile seizure.

We got home, set him in the living room and he went about chasing his sisters around the room, playing with his blocks, climbing on the couch, and pretending as though he hadn’t just sucked 5 years off of my life and added a patch of gray to my hair!

We have two older girls, but had never experienced anything like this with them.

Febrile seizures are common; 1 out of 5 kids will experience them, but until that day last spring, I wasn’t ready for them.

Febrile seizures have nothing to do with how high the fever goes, but how rapidly it rises.  My son had a bit of a cold coming on, and his fever spiked faster than his brain could handle it, so his brain pushed a massive reset button.

I type this out even now with a pounding heart, remembering that day, and WISHING that I had had Meagan’s book back then.  In fact, after reading it, I want to get copies to ALL of my mom friends!

Although you can never be emotionally prepared for a febrile seizure, you can be medically knowledgeable about what to do if  and when they happen.

Meagan is a Registered Nurse and I appreciate how she approaches this subject; with the scientific knowledge of a nurse, the mindset of a mom, and the desire to treat her family’s illnesses as naturally as possible.  I’ve read a lot of natural blogs, books and articles, and Meagan’s e-book, Treating Fevers Naturally, is one of the most well-balanced explanations and teachings that I’ve seen on the subject.

Meagan explains it all in mom-terms and she covers everything: what are fevers, what causes them, what other symptoms can you expect, why fevers are actually beneficial, how to treat them naturally and with OTC drugs, when to take your child to the doctor, how to asses the degrees of the fever and more.

She explains at length the importance of getting liquids into your child if they have a fever and how to treat the various stages of a fever.  Her simple explanations make all the difference and they will alleviate your fears about the different symptoms associated with fevers and what to do when they arise.

I also love the last few pages – she has included several EASY homemade herbal recipes to use in the case of a fever, and at the end of the book, she has a resource page with information on all of the herbs that she talks about throughout the book, as well as a thorough sources page – to explain where she got her information of course, but I see it as yet another resource to read up more on the subject!

I simply can’t recommend her book highly enough!   At only $14.97 for the PDF version of her book (which is great, because all of her sources are links right in the book), it is worth EVERY penny.  Get a copy for yourself, and all of your mom friends – it is an invaluable resource that gives you the peace of mind on how best  to treat your family naturally and at home.

Seriously, go grab a copy!  From one mom to another, this is DEFINITELY worth it!

*note: this post is riddled with affiliate links and I’d love it if you purchased this ebook by clicking on my links above.  Of course, you don’t have to, but I do get a small commission every time you do and that, my friends, is golden.  In addition, I was provided with a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

photo adapted by me, and courtesy of this great photographer

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